Sunday, June 28, 2009

Simplicity at No Cost 

What would it take to create a life of simplicity and ease?
How little would it take to undo the complexity?

How easy would it be to make you truly happy?

Is it possible you are going in the wrong direction?

Do you remember the enjoyment of a homemade popsicle in the freezer?
Have you waded in a fresh stream or lake recently on a hot day?
Do you ever play a simple game of crazy eights with your family?
Can you read a good book while lying in the shade?
How about watching little children splash in a pan or washtub of water?
You can water your garden by hand, letting some of it splash on you.
Did you run through the sprinklers or walk in the grass with bare feet?
Can you watch the sunrise even if you go back for a morning nap later?
How about whistling or humming your favorite songs while you do your chores?
When was the last letter you wrote to someone you remember with love?
Can you take the time to mend a hem or seam or sew a garment?
Have you gone through your old photo albums or put together a new one?
How about throwing a sheet over a table to build a secret hiding place or fort for grandkids?
Could you delight in baking some special pie from scratch, crust and all?
How about picking your own fruit and eating it with juice running through your fingers?
When was the last time you went to the beach, just to walk and hear the ocean waves?
Let’s lie on our backs and watch the clouds roll by, making up the shapes we see in the sky.

What could you bring back into your life that would bring you a smile?
Who could you hang out with to really appreciate the afternoon?
What could occupy your time that would see absolutely easy and fun?
What could cost nothing, except giving up what costs too much?

Let’s take this summer and make it our own.
Let’s appreciate the simple pleasures in life.
Let’s step back and pause to choose what feels good.
Let’s stop trying to please anyone else and please ourselves.

Choose what is fun, with no concerns.
Choose w
hat is safe, with no risk.
Choose what is easy, with no complication.

Choose what is free, with no expense.

We really don’t need anything more than what we already have.

Loving the simple joys in life,
Betty Lue