Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fun 

Do what you love.
Make every day a holiday…a holy day.
Give yourself a daily vacation.
Remember to enjoy what life is.

Everyday is an opportunity to do what you really love to do.
Every moment is a moment to love what you are doing.
Every choice you make can be your preference to be valued.
Every aspect of your life is a choice to be happy and enjoyed.

No matter what you are doing, it feels better if you are willing to see it as your choice.
No matter how small the task, it is your choice to want to do it or to resist.
No matter what you are experiencing, change your “have to’s” into “wants”.
When you give yourself the freedom of choice, you will notice how life works better.

To make your own holidays, make every day holy and special for you.
Create time at the beginning of the day to focus on what you want to experience.
Put energy into remembering to be grateful for each encounter.
Pay attention to clearing away any resistance with forgiveness and return to enjoyment.

Give yourself a daily “vacation”.
This means you can vacate the usual schedule and routine.
Pause and do something especially relaxing…a bath, a walk, a quiet moment experiencing peace.
Create places, spaces and activities which you enjoy and make them into your daily vacation.

Remember to enjoy what life is by looking for the beauty and the goodness everywhere.
Take a moment to simply say and feel thankfulness.
Be happy with the little things, the smell of flowers, the preparation of food, the cleaning of a closet, the sound of music, the laughter of children, the hug from someone special, making someone smile.
Life becomes what you imagine it to be and the energy you put into it so infuse it with Joy!

Loving you and all that is,
Betty Lue