Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Victim or Empowered? 

Do you play weak and needy?
Does it work to get the love you want?

Do you act helpless to get the support you desire?

Are you in the habit of looking for how your are cheated and mistreated?

Does the “poor me” position work for you or a
gainst you?
Does getting sick become the excuse you need to say “no” or just to rest.

Are you
r quitting on life because you are afraid or exhausted from being fearful?
Are you tired of playing sick and tired and ready to do life differently?

Are you up for undoing the past complaints and choosing again?

Have you connected your self abusive thoughts and feelings with the abuse from others?

Have you r
ecognized that judgments, fears, self image and perceptions are creating our experience?

Are you ready to choose for a better way, a more effective and fun, safe and easy way to live?
How about forgiving false learning from the teachings of the world, your family and those you admire?
How about letting go of efforting in the world and just cleaning up your thinking and beliefs?
Are you willing to change your self perception and see you potential and unlimited power?
Are you ready to stop being angry, hurt and afraid and choosing to be clear, calm and conscious?
Are you capable of taking impeccable care of yourself and your life?
Will you get to work on cleaning up all past messes and mistakes?
Can you take responsibility for the choices you have made without guilt?
Are you open to stop blaming anyone for anything and simply learn from it all?
Will it work for you to establish a few goals, priorities and then reward your daily accomplishment?
Can you take credit for how far you have come and how much you have learned and created?
Can you begin to see the power is in your mind and your words and your actions?

What you conceive and believe, you can achieve.
What you imagine (hold an image in your mind) and believe (trust in your heart, you will experience unless you interfere (allow fear to hold you back.)
Life is a creation of our inner thoughts, beliefs and images put into form with our words and deeds.
When we take full response-ability for being the “chooser” ,there is nothing we cannot do.

Begin imagining yourself as powerful, unlimited and totally capable and deserving.
Erase every thought or feeling that seems to doubt, fear or judge this truth.
Live life every day as a beautiful powerful ad good person, for such is the Truth about You.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

A little more of the Alaska cruise stuff which left from San Francisco and returned to Vancouver BC, stopped in lots of little towns along the way. More photos later for those who like them. If you don’t care, simply delete. It is all perfect. We loved nature and the native people and culture!