Sunday, June 07, 2009

Who Are You? 

What defines you?
What is your soul’s purpose?
What have you decided about your life?
What is your highest intention for living, loving and giving?

Our definitions are usually based on our education, accomplishments and life experiences.
Our personality often wants to be seen, known and valued.
Our ego’s desires may be to achieve greatness through accumulation of people, money or awards.
Or we may be proud of our self made limitations, littleness and lack.

Sometimes our name, our degrees, our challenges and our triumphs define us.
When we are attached to those aspects of life which are temporary, we fear losing them.
When we change course from greatness to anonymity, we may lose a sense of self worth.
When we watch the body change in energy and ability, we may lose meaning.

What if our self measurement is faulty and we are allowing the values of humanity to define us.
What if the true refinement in life is letting go of all we thought was important and mattered.
What if we need to undo all the trappings of life to discover our real value is not in what we make or do.
What if our real value cannot be seen or measured, for it is found in the infinite value of being.

You, yes you, are valuable simply because you are a creation of Love the ultimate and unlimited Source.
You are a gift of creation, here to experience and enjoy the gift of being.
Yet, we tend to forsake enjoyment for the sake of striving to be more than we think we are.
And we cling to the proof of our worth in what we teach and create, heal and accomplish.
All the while we neglect and ignore our Reality, the Truth of Who We Are.

Our destiny and the final project of the physical experience is simply to realize our natural Perfection.
It is our Essence and not our physicality that has infinite worth.
It is our Being and not what we have done that matters.
It is our appreciation of what is and Who We Are that brings fulfillment.

Can we imagine what life will be when we let go of all striving and simply appreciate what is?
Can we fully embrace and profoundly love ourselves when we realize, we are Love no matter what?
Can we truly listen and understand the fullness of meaning in “All is Well”?
Can we receive the richness of inner peace and deep joy in Remembering We Are One?

Life is Good because we are.
Betty Lue