Friday, June 12, 2009

Who Do You Count On? 

Do you depend on your body?
Do you depend on your bank account?
Do you depend on your parents?
Do you depend on your friends?
Do you depend on doctors and medicine?
Do you depend on media and books?
Do you depend on fairness and justice?
Do you depend on being rescued and saved?
Or do you depend on your Self?
There is risk in depending on others.
They may be ill or gone or simply needing to step away.
There is the disappointment of trusting someone to be there and they cannot or will not be.

Do you depend on your intuition?
Do you depend on people being honest?
Do you depend on nothing and no one?
Do you depend on being hurt, disappointed and scared?

We all have our dependencies, attachments and sometimes addictions.
When we can identify where we are leaning, we can assess whether it is reasonable.
When we own our neediness, we can begin to free ourselves and find a better way.
When we recognize our weakness, neediness and helplessness, we can choose to heal and grow.

Is it time to forgive mistaken dependency on quick fixes and short term relationships?
Is it best to trust what you hear and know and feel inside?
Is it helpful to depend only on God and the intrinsic Goodness in humanity?
Is it best to depend on yourself to give only the best you have and trust it will come around?

Are you ready to seek the Good by seeing the Good?
Are you willing to give all you have so that all will have?
Are you open for depending on your right relationship with your world?
Are you trusting that you can listen within to learn what is highest and best for all?

To depend on God, Goodness and Love is to trust that there is meaning to the world we see.
To give ourselves to that Divine or meaningful plan invites us to listen and respond with love.
To be grateful is to appreciate, accelerate and expand the Good that we know and see and be.
To depend on the power of undoing with forgiven and choose again to create with wisdom is key.

Remember you are at choice.
Choose wisely and you will appreciate your choices.
Choose with dependency and you will question your choices.
Bless you for choosing the high way.
Betty Lue