Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Forgive? 

The grace of God rest gently on forgiving eyes, and everything they look on speaks of Him to the beholder.
He can see no evil: nothing in the world to fear and no one who is different from himself.
ACIM text 492

Life is a source of fear when we have not forgiven.
We are ruled by our emotions until we forgive.
We cannot see the gifts and the blessing without forgiveness.
There is always the danger we will be attacked with our judgments.

To know inner peace, we must first forgive.
To have an inspired and creative mind, forgiving the past is essential
Defenselessness is a state of perfect self-forgiveness.
We cannot remember and realize the Truth without forgiving the untruth.

With judgment in our minds, we strengthen what we judge.
With attack thoughts, we are in constant fear of being attacked.
With unwillingness to forgive, we weaken ourselves and our ideals.
Judgments, opinions and beliefs we hold limit our perceptions and keep us in the dark.

To forgive is to realize there is nothing to forgive.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
It clears our mind of negativity, blame, guilt, anger, hurt and fear.
Forgiveness is a path to freedom and appreciation.

When we believe there is no harm, we experience no harm.
When we know there is only Love and the lack of love, we receive and give only Love.
When we are willing to see things differently, we perceive the blessings and opportunities.
When we look beneath the surface appearance, we begin to realize the play is to learn to love.

Forgiveness is selective remembering.
Forgiveness is seeing the gift in all things.
Forgiveness is undoing what is not true.
Forgiveness is giving to another what we would want to receive.

Forgiveness is playing the part which strengthens our capacity to heal and bless.
Forgiveness is seeing ourselves in another and giving our blessing.
Forgiveness is recognizing the part we play in the encounters and dramas of life.
Forgiveness is realizing “Awareness with non-judgment and love is healing.”

Forgiveness is healing.
Forgiveness is blessing.
Forgiveness is love.
Forgiveness is holy.

Blessing us all with forgiveness,
Betty Lue

PS From personal experience.....the faster you forgive, the happier you will be!