Thursday, August 13, 2009

Been There, Done That! 

Been There, Done That!
Or ??
Let’s Create Anew!

Do you live in the past?
Do you dwell on what was or what could have been?
Do you grieve for the relationships and experiences you have had?
Do you long to feel and do what you knew in time before?

Perhaps you are done with life, because you judge life is done with you?

Life is an ever-creative process.
To read the diary writings of yesterday leaves you caught in a time that is no more.
To fantasize about the ”Love” that could have been keeps you lost in sorrow and grief.
Collecting memorabilia is entertaining but not very creative.

As you notice, I am more about enjoying today and with Gratitude and Enthusiasm creating tomorrow.
The meal that I just ate deserves gratitude and full digestion, but it must be released to fully enjoy today.
Times that were beneficial and a blessing can be remembered for the inspiration they gave.
Times that were hurtful or difficult must be forgiven and forgotten to release their disabling energies.

Often the world teaches us to hang on to the “bad” in order to avoid, defend and protect ourselves.
The energy used in defense builds walls that shut off and limit us from beauty, prosperity and goodness.
It is difficult to see the blessings all around us, if we are focused on avoiding the curses.
Our perceptions are based on what we hold within our minds.

In our relationships forgiveness looks for the opportunity to love, to inspire, to encourage, to contribute.
Happiness attracts more happiness and goodness into our lives.
Gratitude and explicit appreciation, simple “thanks”, increases and expands what we value.
We have the tools to build better relationships, better communication, and peace in our world.

It is time to silence our critical voices.
It is time to forgive our negative thinking.
It is time to stop our unkindness and lack of appreciation.
It is time to open ourselves to bring the Light and give the Love.

During controversy and argument, how can you be the voice of acceptance?
During judgment and criticism, how can you be the one who sees the Good?
During depression and grieving, how can you bring the gentleness of healing?
During separation and loneliness, how can you offer understanding and connection?

Each one of us can offer the best we know in each moment and each relationship to create.
All of us long for peace and understanding, so we can offer it.
We seek to be happy and safe, so we can bring our own.
We know the need for love and acceptance, and we can give it.

What we give, we receive.
All that we give is a gift to ourselves.
Life is for giving. We are the ones called here to give
Now is our time to step forward in trust and love.

You and I are blessings to our world.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
So let’s remember.
Loving you, Betty Lue