Sunday, August 02, 2009

Celebrate Your Creative Power 

Today and everyday there is much to celebrate with gratitude and joy.
Gratitude is a choice for increasing the Good in our lives.
Joy is a choice to fill ourselves with good feelings, good thoughts and good memories.
Celebration is the activity of honoring the power of joyful appreciation.

When we focus on disappointments with regret and sorrow, we see more to feel bad about.
When we focus on hurts with resentment and blame, we can find more to make us angry.
When we focus on fears with scary memories and lack of love, we continue the path of defensiveness.
Where we place our focus begets more of the same.

The world picture we view replicates the filter through which we are looking.
We find what we seek because of the direction in which we focus.
We see that which we believe because we are looking for proof to be right.
We imagine what we “want” to see and then we look for agreement from others.

When lost and confused, focus on seeing something clearly and celebrate.
When alone and afraid, focus on the Presence of Love in You and be glad.
When blaming and angry, focus on the power of changing your thoughts and words.
When sad and depressed, focus on finding what brings you joy.

Your choice to focus on what works for you yields power to make a difference.
Your change of mind will empower you to see what you can do.
Your desire to make a difference in your own attitude and situation, will yield positive results.
Your potential for gratitude and joy comes from your willingness to choose and change yourself.

Every thought is an opportunity to see things differently.
Every word is a tool for creating a better experience for everyone.
Every activity is a demonstration of your willingness to make a difference.
Every relationship is a gift in which you can practice your creative power.

Celebrate how good it can be.
Celebrate how wonderful life is.
Celebrate how much you can love.
Celebrate how you can choose again to be happy.

Loving you and me in choosing for what works!
Betty Lue