Monday, August 03, 2009

Do You Love You? 

Do you see You?
Do you know You?
Do you free You?
Do you love You?

Do you trust You?
Do you believe You?
Do you accept You?
Do you embrace all of You?

When you discover your uniqueness, you can free yourself to be yourself.
When you listen within to honor the calling of your heart, you can play your part.
When you trust the goodness of your Spirit, you will give yourself permission to be here.
When you honor the One inside, you will safely abide with the journey you have chosen.

Yes, there is a reason for the seasons of your life.
Yes, there is no one like you to do what you do.
Yes, there are many facets to the life you have chosen.
Yes, you must be willing to polish your inner Essence until you shine with the radiance of the Sun.

When you fully and freely trust and respect, love and embrace all of you, there will be no comparison.
When you give yourself fully to Being, not trying or withholding, you will know no fear.
When you love yourself as your Creator loves you, you will give your All to everything you be and do.
When you hold no grievances against the One You are, you will shine as bright as the most brilliant star.

You see, it is your mission and purpose to copy no one, for no one can compare.
It is your calling and your journey to wholly embrace and honor You in all you be and do.

When you are loving the One You are, you will love all those other stars in your sky.
When you are giving yourself full freedom to be, you will free all others endlessly.
When you live what you know in the calling of your heart, you will feel loving and loved.
When you teach what you are learning and give what you receive, the unlimited flow will sustain you.

For most the last 35 years I have realized that Self discovery, Self love and Self fulfillment bring All Good.

When we do not know and love ourselves, we seek to be known and loved by others.
When we do not live and give our holy purpose, we cannot seek endlessly for peace and prosperity.
When we know and love our authentic selves, we recognize the Goodness, Beauty and Love in others.
When we live and give our healing purpose, we are prosperous and peaceful, fulfilled in our lives.

What can you do to unwrap the gifts given you?
Where can you go to understand all you know?
How can you be to love your Holy Self endlessly?
Can you begin now to take the time to discover the REAL YOU?

There are many tools and much observation to find your inner Truth and the Authentic You.
Are you willing? I use and delight in them all.
Loving you,
Betty Lue