Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Gift of Love 

(May these reminders give you a message which you can instill in your children, grandchildren and all!)

August 16, 1942 at 11:07 PM in Lansing Michigan I came into this world.

From conception, I was known as a “Gift of God’s Love” by my young and innocent parents.
Bob and Marian Fisher gave me the great gift of never claiming to be my parents.
They saw themselves as guardians for the Gift God had sent them.
As a child, I was neither criticized nor praised. I was always loved.
I was talked to from birth and treated as a whole and wise loving being.
I was included in conversations and decisions with my elders even as a very young child.
I knew I was a helper (“Mommy’s little helper”) and someone who could bring sunshine into every situation (called “effervescent Betty Lue”). From the youngest age of 9 months I can remember helping, learning to walk because my Mom could not lift me with a bad back and already pregnant.
I can remember helping with my brother always and more when my Dad was called overseas in WWII.
We always encouraged to be truly helpful.

With Girl Scouts, horse-back riding, American Field Service, volunteering for those in need, Youth Council of Churches, Antioch College, political debates, sewing my own clothes and lots more, I learned and earned my wings. Encouraged to give freely and live simply, expected to fly free from the nest at 18 yrs, trusted to make my own decisions and welcomed home whenever I visited, I was always respected, honored and loved.

Being a source of inspiration, taking leadership, being confident in decisions, always seeking the highest and best outcome for everyone, trusting in my inner knowing and never being criticized or ignored has given me a life of trust and freedom, a life of inspired and inspiring loving service . My stated Mission:
I am the space of trust and freedom where Love is remembered and Wholeness and Holiness restored.

I have been an awakened inner Listener for the last 32 years, trusting in my inner Voice (some call Holy Spirit).
I have been blessed with many adventures, much worldly experience, a God-sent spiritual partner and life companion,
beautiful people gracing my path with continuous opportunities to learn and teach give and receive, welcoming the new creations of each day.

I see my life as a canvas on which I am invited to paint, write, sing and design my world with beauty, goodness and grace.
The Peace and Power and Presence of the Great One, the God Force within, has given me and all the vision with which to see what really is beneath the cover-ups, defenses, manufactured “reality”, so I can reclaim the Joy for what is already here and yet to come.

My thoughts, my words, my perceptions, my activities are all about how I can best serve the Greater Good on the planet.
I seek to serve as I am called without regard for fame fortune or acknowledgment.
I know my needs will be met as I give All to All.

Sharing the truth of my Being in this incarnation as Betty Lue, “True B’lue” the ‘true believer’ (as I was known in my childhood)
I am always Loving you,
Betty Lue

“And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in abundance for every good work.” II Corinthians 9:8

I thank you for being my mirror in which I realize the Gift I Am. And you are a Gift to me, each of you and all, endlessly creating my enjoyment and gratitude for being alive and here Now.
Betty Lue

Betty Lue’s Teachings as a Child

We are whole.
We are not lacking.
We are not limited.
We are here to be helpful.
We are happy.
We are loving.
We are free and unrestricted.
We need no criticism or praise, for we know we are right with ourSelves.
We are trustworthy and trusting.
We are honest and open.
We are generous and share everything of value.
We value what is real and lasting.
We are patient as we learn from everything.
We are to love everyone equally.
We are to follow Love and our Inner Truth.
There is nothing to fear.
There is complete innocence, as all are children.
There is nothing that cannot be forgiven.
All paths lead to Good.
All things are possible.
Love gives us everything we ask for in the name of Love.
Miracles are natural.
We are all in the family of man and everyone is our brother.
God is Love and we are His loving creation.
Healing comes from the release from guilt and fear.