Monday, August 17, 2009

Harmonic Convergence 22nd Anniversary 

Let us come together (“converge”) in harmony, singing a universal song of Love, Trust and Freedom.
Love is our natural state.
Love is the purpose for which we are created.
Love is the path to Happiness and Peace.

Have you noticed not everyone seeks to be Love?
Have you felt your own resistance at times?
Have you found the places in you which you denied Love?
Have you given up on Love for the sake of FEAR?

FEAR some see as “False Evidence Appearing Real”.
Some see LOVE as having conditions, rather than loving All as God loves.
Some prefer the defenses of judgment, intolerance, resentment and hurt.
Some have chosen to be alone, living in discord, judging all differences.

Today give some thought to those you choose to exempt from your Love.
Consider undoing your “curse” or condemnation on those who you believe have hurt you.
Make amends with yourself by mending the tears and tears in your Loving Purpose.
Choose to forgive yourself for withholding the healing power of Love.

First, harmony within ourselves.
The integrated self has acceptance, love and respect for themselves as they are.
Next, harmony in your home.
Creating relationships and environments where peace presides.
Then, harmony in our world.
Remembering to listen with respect and consideration for the different views.
In the end, we all seek peace and want to be at home in our world.
Make this day and everyday a better place by choosing to bring harmony within and without.

Blessings of gratitude for your courage to make a difference for All,
Betty Lue