Saturday, August 01, 2009

Lessons are Loving Reminders 

Some say, “Everything is a lesson.”
Some say, “It must be a sign.”
Some say, “It makes no sense.”
Some say, “It is karma.”

What do you say about those events that seems to happen our of the “blue”?
Do you feel special, chosen or blessed? (with what we judge as good happenings.)
Do you feel cursed, punished or your dues? (with what we judge as bad or unlucky.)
Do you feel responsible for what happens in your life?

“All things are lessons God would have me learn.
A lesson is a miracle which God offers to me, in place of the thoughts I made that hurt me.
What I learn of Him becomes the way I am set free.
And so I choose to learn His lessons and forget my own." Lesson #213 from A Course in Miracles.

Some Other Affirmations of Truth.
Everything is in my own best interest.
Everything happens more exquisitely than I can plan.
Life works when I believe it does.
There is gift and blessing in everything.
“All events, past, present and to come are gently planned by One whose only purpose is our Good.”

Can you see all events as lessons, miracles, learnings, gifts and wakeup calls?
Are you willing to let go of judging experiences as bad or good and see them as wakeups?
Are you willing to forgive your judgments, defenses, excuses and resistance to see the Love?
Can you trust that Spirit within is guiding your life to a happy outcome?

When we release our misperceptions and listen within, we find the peace and vision to see.
When we forgive our anger and fear, our hurt and grief, we recognize the learning value.
When we undo the worldly untrue, we experience the co creative power of our minds and hearts.
When we let go of what we think we know, we come to realize the gently Truth of Love.

Life offers many opportunities to grow in faith.
Life gives us gentle reminders of Higher Truth.
Life serves as a painting of what we hold in our minds.
Life gives us infinite chances to choose again for a new reality.

Everywhere in everything we can see Loving Reminders and reminders to Love.
In everyone we experience the opportunity to give Love where it is hidden behind fear.
In all events, we can forgive our misunderstanding and seek healing interpretations.
In life, we come to know all thing work together for Good.

And so it is, life blesses us with Loving Reminders in all things.
May we all receive the blessings of gratitude and joy for the Good that already is.
Betty Lue