Saturday, August 15, 2009

Letting Go 

Letting go of last year can be filled with regrets or be a beautiful celebration.
Letting go of a familiar place or person can feel like death or be a source of appreciation.
Letting go of limiting unconscious habits can be a struggle or an experience of freedom.
Letting go of memorabilia can be filled with fear of forgetting or gratitude for the blessings received.

Completion and closure must be done with great respect for what was learned and earned.
Closure must be honored with no blame, no guilt and gratitude given and received.
Completion is a sacred rite of passage in a world of ever-changing circumstances.
Honorable closure is given when we have fully expressed both forgiveness and love.

Making amends is a gift to ourselves.
Forgiveness renews our trust.
Appreciation grants us freedom.
Remembering to always Love keeps us inspired.

Where we hold grudges, we stifle our creativity.
Where we feel contempt, we cause inner dis-ease.
Where we feel guilt and regret, we lose confidence and courage.
Where we judge the past, we withhold Love and Life energy from ourselves.

The only mistake we ever make is to forget to Love.
The only error we need to correct is to withhold the Gift that we are.
The only fault that needs mending is to separate from the source of our Love.
The only lack that calls for fulfilling is the stop sending Blessings to everyone everywhere.

Abundance comes from endless giving.
Healing comes from extending Peace.
Happiness comes from always forgiving.
Love comes from never forgetting.

Let go of all that distracts you from having the Good you deserve.
Release all problems and see the solution in the Light.
Give up figuring out, analyzing and trying to understand.
Only in peace can we find the Highest Truths.

It is in letting go that we come to know what is real and lasting.
The Eternal is not found in the temporary.
The Good we seek comes from within and is see when we share it.
Life is letting go of all we no longer value.

Now is the time to clean up our act and Live the life we seek.

Blessings on gracious and grateful letting go,
Betty Lue