Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Michigan Reminders 

Note: We just returned from Michigan yesterday afternoon after enjoying seeing some folks for consultations (tune-ups), facilitating a workshop on Prosperity and Peace with Conscious Thinking and Conscientious Finances, participating in a family Reunion with well over 100 in attendance at the annual Camp Kidwell 4 H Camp on Eagle Lake, officiating a wonderful Celebration of Life for my Mom, and gathering the ordained Reunion Living Ministers to honor and remind ourselves of our commitments.
Always learning and growing. Four days of powerful, positive and peace-giving reminders for All.

What I learned in Michigan
Everything is a Reminder!

Everyone is my teacher.
Everywhere I go, I am learning.
Life is a gift of ever-expanding awareness.
Enjoying everyone and every moment is a key to happiness.

To be Happy and At Peace:
Know Your True Self.
It may take a lifetime of experience and self observation and feedback.
Be true to your Higher Self.
Honor your higher purpose, your inner voice with total commitment and life works for you.
Forgive all judgments, yours and others quickly.
Worry, fear, anger, resentment and hurt hold you back.

When you love who you are, you trust yourself and free yourself to be and do as you are guided.
When you live in integrity, without self doubt and questioning, you are totally supported and respected.
When you give yourself to life with the best you know, you receive from life the best there is.

Success is flowing with what comes without judgment and fear.
Success is knowing all is on purpose even when others doubt, fear and judge.
Success is having perfect trust in your inner knowing and inspired guidance.
Success is realizing a life that is truly fun, safe and easy.

I had the privilege of seeing those who live an inspired and guided life with confidence and joy.
I also had the teaching of those who live a life guided by circumstances and confused with doubt.

Love releases, encourages, blesses all that comes our way and we follow the inner light with certainty.
Fear judges, remembers and defends against what we see as wrong, fearful and mistaken.

When we love ourselves and our entire life experience, we are responsible, respectful and grateful.
When we live in judgment and fear, we see ourselves as victims, blaming and guilty, dependent on others to protect, provide and agree with us.

We are each here to play our unique part on this physical stage.
We are all valuable and integrally important.
When we live our Highest Truth, we lift up and inspire.
When we forgive and love again, we heal.
When we give our best and encourage others, we celebrate a Good Life.

Thanks to each and everyone for your willingness!!
Betty Lue