Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pray. Listen. Act. 

Each day, the affirmation, request, prayer and commitment can be:
“How can I serve the Highest good for All this day?
Where am I to go? What am I to do? With whom am I to speak? What am I to say?
Use my Presence, my voice and hands and feet for the Greatest Good.”

In your request of your personality self from your Higher Self, the Good within you, you will come into conscious awareness of what is for your Good and the Good of those around you. In your willingness to serve all, including yourself, you will see that all “service” (‘serve us’) is really a gift to oneself.
In your inner listening, you will find that you can hear, feel and know what is right and true for you.

The Truth resonates and brings peace and gladness to your heart.
When you are trying, stressing, sacrificing, denying yourself, there is strain, resentment and pain.
In the alignment of little ego (human) self and the Highest (spiritual) Self, you will find power and peace.
The integration of heaven and earth, spiritual and personal, self and Self, you know the presence of Love.

When in internal conflict, in opposition to our ego self, striving to be what we are not yet willing or able to be, we lose power, feel frustrated and confused.
When we are trying to be HOLY when we feel very misguided or unworthy, pretending is painful.
When we are losing energy, we must stop and choose to discover and know what is our current state.
When we are taking to big a leap on spiritual growth, we may become blocked with fear and failure.

To find balance, we must acknowledge imbalance.
To find peace, we must notice when we are upset.
To find happiness, we need to notice our unhappiness.
Then we need to forgive ourselves for choices we made, releasing all judgment and fear.

Once we are clear, conscious, neutral emotionally and quiet mentally, we can freely choose again.
The key is to trust without doubt, hesitation, question or conflicting imaginings.
The key is to release the past, so we can choose again with unlimited freedom.
Loving yourself and your Life means trusting and freeding your Self and your life.

Life is choice.
When the choice is open to Spirit and the Highest Good, we experience Joy and gratitude.
When we feel limited in choice with human judgment, guilt, fear and self made limitations, we feel stuck, worried and stressed.
When we have released the past, we can pray, listen and act with human innocence and spiritual wisdom.

Loving and blessing us all,
Betty Lue