Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Stop Putting on the Brakes 

Fear causes contraction.
Judgment creates withholds.
Anger makes limitation.
Guilt causes doubt.

Hurt builds defenses.
Grief shuts doors.
Depression is exhausting.
Apathy kills our Spirit.

Your attitude is everything.
Your inner peace is essential.
Your emotional state generates.
Your mental position and beliefs create.

Maybe it is time to get off the comfy couch and do something Good.
Maybe you can get yourself ready to have a fabulous day everyday.
Maybe you need to start giving to find your right living.
Maybe someone needs you to forgive them, love and care for them right now.

The cost of giving is receiving.
When you are waiting to be given to, you miss the gift you already are.
When you think you need to get something from giving, you don’t receive the gift of giving.
When you wait to be paid, to be prodded and pampered, you make yourself needy and weak.

When you live life as though everyone and everywhere matters, you will see how much you matter.
When you recognize “Life is for giving and You are the gift”, you will see you are well paid.
Withholding Love, Joy, Happiness and Blessings of Peace hurts the withholder more than others.
Giving All to All for the Joy of Giving, is a Blessing yielding Abundant reward.

Stop saying, “Yes, but…..”
Stop denying yourself what is Good for You.
Stop hurting yourself with guilt and blame.
Stop picking on what is past and continuing the pain.
Stop trying to fix what went wrong.
Stop wishing it would go away.
Stop seeking revenge or pay back.
Stop waiting for the other to apologize.
Stop covering up the pile of manure.
Stop hold grudges, defenses and protection.
Stop making excuses and complaints.
Stop seeking others approval.
Stop doing the same things expecting a different result.
Stop attaching to those who want to be unattached.
Stop seducing and manipulating others to care for you.
Stop thinking you are not good enough.
Stop putting the brakes on your life.

What comes next?
When you stop stopping yourself, you will have the freedom to ask within.
Where am I called to go and what can I do and say right now?
When you trust and free (LOVE) yourself, you will know and go.

Loving you in loving YOU!
Betty Lue