Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Each one of us has a different path and different purpose.
Each one of us holds different pictures and different beliefs.
Each one of us uses different motivations and incentives.
Each one of us carries our own level of consciousness and willingness.

To prescribe what is right for one will not be right for all.
To communicate easily with one will not work for communicating with all.
To think you are like me will be foolish for both of us.
To teach others to follow my way, my path and process will not be beneficial.

How are we to proceed in our relationships with love and commitment to what is Good?
How are we to give to each one what is uniquely best for them in that moment in time?
How are we to teach those we encounter when we do not know how they best learn?
How are we to love one another, when we often neglect to love ourselves well?

Take impeccable care of oneself.
Know and appreciate one’s own uniqueness.
Listen deeply for clarity, choice, change and commitment.
Motivate oneself in the ideal way to stay positive and productive.
Be aware that what is projected onto others is always for oneself.
Communicate first and foremost with one’s example and life process.
Honor the individuality of each you encounter with conscious awareness and respect.
Treat everyone as the Holy One, the special One.
Love the Goodness, the Wholeness and the Beauty in All That Is.
Treat everyone as you want to be treated if you were in their shoes.
Ask what is wanted, needed and trusted, when you do not know.
Be willing to be wrong and apologize when you miss what is valued by the other.
Step away from demanding, threatening, preaching, admonishing and criticizing.
Be still unless you are invited to comment, teach, advise or respond to a request.
Forgive all thoughts that others are not living up to your expectations or standards.
Appreciate what each person is doing with their life and trust it is the best they know.
Respect the differences and love everyone anyway, knowing you do not know what is best.
Be open to learn about the different pasts, motivations, behavior and communication styles.
Appreciate and love everyone, even when you don’t understand them.

Some effective tools to better understand others.
Enneagram (See the link on my lovingeminders.org web site for a free test.)
Myers-Briggs or Kiersey (short form)
Numerology/Symbology (See Robert’s book Soul’s Awakening and Life Purpose Readings)
I Ching
Taoist Astrology
Abundance Cycle
(DISC or other forms to discover communication styles)

Remember, it is always up to the most conscious one to be forgiving, flexible and open.
And if you are reading this email, you are the most conscious one!

Be willing, open and appreciative and you will find the freedom and trust of LOVE.
If you are unwilling, closed and critical, you will find the limitation and doubt of FEAR.

Willing to always and only Love,
Betty Lue
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