Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Can You find Peace? 

What is the Peace of God in You?
What is the Piece of God You Are?

When we want peace, we will be nothing else.
When we want peace, we will see nothing else.
When we want to live the piece of God we are created to be, we will let go of the rest we made up.
When we want to give the piece of God we are created to give, we will forgive and live in peace.

The world needs your peace (piece) and mine.
The world needs you to claim the piece you are here to represent.
Sometimes we are so busy managing someone else’s piece, we neglect our own.
Sometimes we criticize and complain about what others are not doing, we forget to bring peace ourselves.

What would it take for you to live at peace in peace and harmony with those around you?
What could you do to extend peace wherever you go, whatever you do?
How will you live your true Purpose if you are busy trying to be like someone else?
When will you give your Piece to your world by being authentic and sharing your gifts?

Let’s take a look at what it takes to be Peace in your world.

See Peace.
Be Peace.
Remember Peace.
Think Peace.
Trust Peace.
Seek Peace.
Appreciate Peace.
Pray Peace.

Realize Peace begins within.
So let us begin again today

Blessings of Peace to you,
Betty Lue.

What a beautiful harmonizing spirit. The is 4 year old Lila, Harper’s twin sister.
She brings everyone more peace and happiness while maintaining her own independence and equanimity.
Such a joy!