Wednesday, September 02, 2009

How To Love 

Do you know how best to demonstrate that you Love someone?
Do you know how they can best receive your Love for them?
Do you know the best way for you to know you are loved?
Do you know how to communicate with your loved ones the best ways to Love and be Loved?

Are you afraid to declare your Love?
Are you feeling uncertain about Loving?
Are you at a loss about how to demonstrate your Love?
Does it feel like they don’t “get” that you Love?

Here are some clues.
Each person recognizes and receives Love differently.
It seems to depend on how they “felt” or really let in Love in their childhood.
Everyone has their own Love potion which magically touches their heart center.

The key is to find the right place at the right time to give your love and have it received.

Some specific ways to give (and receive) Love. One or two will work, but not the others!

Quality time
: Some simply want your undivided attention. “Spend time with me.”
Please, no TV or phone interruptions. Be together.

Acts of Service
: Some want you to “do” things that feel like you care. “Help me with the dishes.”
Don’t make a big deal, simply help out wherever you can without being asked. Find ways to be helpful.

Some feel loved when you take the time to get the perfect gift. “Buy me flowers.”
Pay attention to little cues about what they like and surprise them. Never complain about the expense!

Affirming Words: Some need to hear your appreciation and your love. “Tell me you love me.”
At least once daily, declare your love and how much they mean to you. Write it or say it often.

Affection: Some need to feel your touch, a special hug, kiss or holding hands. “Just hold me.”
Make a ritual of the daily kiss or hug. Touch each other before going to sleep. Not always sex.

The art of loving is to experiment until you find the right place, right time and the right way to Love.
Remember when anyone feels guilty, afraid, or hurt, they may be hesitant to receive Love,
The work of the Love-Giver is to find the way to give Love and have it be received.
If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Never quit on loving. It is your natural state.

It is not effective to be looking for anything in the giving.
To give Love to Get Love is conditional and ineffective.
It feels to the receiver like you are loving just to get something in return.
Unconditional Love is blessed in the act of giving Love. Simply give Love freely and fully.

Blessings to you in demonstrating your Love,
Betty Lue
PS My favorite way to receive Love is “Acts of Service” when you are giving Love by serving your holy Self, your family, your community or your planet to create a happier and more loving place for all of us, I feel deeply and profoundly loved by You.
Thank you for joining me.

Can you find me? Fun and fabulous!
These are the grand Five, our grandchildren all snuggling up so Robert can take some pics.