Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ignorance or Evil? 

There are no essentially evil people.
There are ignorant people.
There are sick people.
When People know better, they will do better.

There are confused people.
There are people have never been taught.
There are people who have been taught with cruelty.
There are unconscious, mistaken and crazy people.

When we treat the “bad” guys by locking them up, hating or killing them, we are doing nothing Good.
When we send away those who behave badly, we are teaching them they are unworthy.
If we knew a better way, we would do a better way.
If we were not caught in hatred and fear, perhaps we could listen inside and find a better way.

When someone is sick, they are calling for healing.
When someone is afraid, they are calling for safety.
When someone is angry, they are calling for listening.
When someone is hurt, they need kindness.
When someone is crazy, they need sanity.
When someone is confused, they need clarity.
When someone is ignorant, they need education.
When someone is lacking, they need fulfillment.
When someone is limited, they need freedom.
When someone is doubtful, they need trust.

It is obvious when we listen to inner inspiration.
It is helpful when we feel kind and loving.
It is healing when we care to offer help.
It is effective when we seek what works.

Goodness must be nurtured.
Goodness is demonstrated by parents, teachers, elders and media.
Goodness is our natural state when we are loved in a safe way.
Goodness is what we are here to be and do and create.

Perhaps rather than punish or criticize what is “wrong”, we need to nurture and appreciate what is “right”.
Perhaps we need to emphasize the positive and extinguish the negative within ourselves.
Perhaps life really is an inside job, where each of us is creating the world in which we live.
Perhaps metaphysical truths are true and we simply need to “live” them everyday with everyone.

Blessing us all on this full moon eve.
Betty Lue