Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor of Love 

(These are notes for my talk yesterday at Unity on the Delta.)

It is Labor Day. It’s Time for the Labor of Love

Our real work is to recognize and clear all blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence.

In the midst of pain, can you feel the Presence of Love?
In times of sorrow, do you see the Gifts of Love?
In times of crisis, can you find the Gifts of God’s Love?
Those who do will always come through stronger with more faith and trust in Goodness.

There are many labors.
Labor of birthing: To Love through the process.
Labor of nurturing: to Love with the work.
Labor of providing: To Love with the doing.
Labor of healing: to Love with the giving.
Labor of building: To love with the construction.
Labor of completing: to Love the finishing
Labor of loving is the work of All creation.

To labor is to work hard.
What have your worked hard for?
When do you work hard now in your life?
Is working hard, fun safe and easy for you?

A labor of Love is working hard for Love.
Working hard to be the Love I AM.
Working hard to give the Love I have.
Working hard to care for the Love I Give.
Laboring to create Love, to nourish Love, to experience Love, to give Love, to be Love.

Think about the labor of birthing and raising children.
Do you remember or forget the pain and the work?
Do you focus on how hard it was to give birth?
Do you think about the work of feeding, diapers, nursing, illness, schooling, homework and more?
Or do you remember it all with a deep sense of love and gratitude?

When birthing is natural, as it is for animals and those who are not sophisticated, labor is simply normal.
When we labor to birth, we know and believe in the product, the outcome.
When we have no fear of the work, we simply do what is needed with all the Love in us.
When we receive the gift of our work, the pleasure overtakes any thought of fatigue, pain, resistance.

How would life for humanity be if we simply forgave all thoughts of pain, effort, difficulty and fear?
Life would simply be accepted for what it is: A Labor of Love.

This Holy Work is to heal our misperceptions about Love and the products of Love.
This Holy Work is to clear the illusions that cloud our minds and deceive us about Loving.
This Holy and healing work is to see what is beneath the darkness, the difficulties, the dangers.
This Holy healing work is to realize and remember the Love from which we are created.

We are here to remember to be and see Love in our world.
We are here to forgive and forget any past or historical story of not being Love.
We are here to do the work and be grateful for the doing.
We are here to honor ourselves and those who are willing to be happy to labor for Love.

Let us labor for Love….not just for money.
Let us labor for God…not just our boss or business.
Let us labor for Joy….not just the need to get it done.
Let us labor for Peace…..Not just to stop the wars.

We are Laborers for God, laborers for Goodness and Love.
Let us together be happy to Labor for Love.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

(As soon as these are sent, I will be planting 50 day lilies to add to the beauty in my world.)
Don’t forget this week is the beginning of our classes.