Friday, September 11, 2009

Love is Letting Go of Fear 

To be Love, let go of fear.
To see Love, let go of fear.
To receive Love, let go of fear.
To heal with Love, let go of fear.

Until we clear the fear, we cannot hear the Voice within.
Until we erase every trace of fear, we cannot see the face of God, the Goodness within.
Until we undo what is not true, we will not feel the love between me and you.
Until we forgive holding back our love, we will not find lasting Peace to begin again.

Remember, every act is either a gift of Love or a call for Love.

The world we claim to be our home is confused with thoughts we are not one.
The world we see is meaningless in its distortions, plagued with chaos and violence, like scribbling on an empty page.
The world we know within our hearts is meant to be serene and safe for all of us.
Our world can only be created new when we share all love between me and you.

What does it take to begin again?
What will it ask to release the fear?
How much can we give to build anew?
It is time to find within the peace we came to give?

First, Yes, be at peace within.
Make amends with your friends and family.
Give forgiveness for all the bad stuff you have allowed to confuse your mind.
Take time to find the place of dignity and respect for each one you encounter.

No matter what the state of the world or anyone you meet, you can greet them with warmth and Love.
No matter what the weather or political climate, you can want the best for all sisters and brothers.
No matter how people feel about the events of the past, you can rejoice and celebrate the good that is now.
No matter where you go or what you do, you can give thanks for giving the gift of You!

You see in the end it is always about being the gift of Peace.
In the beginning it is always about remembering to Love.
In the middle, it is always about giving yourself and your world true happiness.
So why not, bring the healing Power of your Peace and Love and Joy.

I Love You.
Thanks for joining me this day and everyday in a really important and healing way.
Our life together is good and abundant and fulfilling, for sure.
We together are making a BIG difference!
Betty Lue