Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Prayer Requests 

(World Prayer Day begins this evening until Thursday eve.)

Prayer is often taught as asking, begging and bargaining for something.
We seem to be requesting an external Power to grant us our wishes.
Religions often make it sound as though we are powerless puppets.
We seem to think if we are good, God will grant us special favors.

Ask and you shall find.
Knock and it will be opened for you.
Perhaps this is simply declaring that we must open our minds to what we want to see and be and receive.
Maybe it is time to revisit our relationship with Higher Power and recognize our co-creative potential.

God is Love.
Love is God.
Love creates Beings of Love.
God begets Godlettes.

When we denied our Truth, our true Identity, we stepped away from being responsible for our lives.
When we felt weak and fearful, we made up that an external authority was in charge of the good and bad.
When we separated from the Truth, we became confused, and believed we were victimized and separate.
When we feel hurt, afraid, lost, alone, wronged, incomplete and weak, we pray for outside help.

The real prayer is to remember.
The real prayer is to appreciate the God and good within.
The real prayer is to know wholeness and inner peace.
The real prayer is to forgive our ignorance and forgetfulness.
The real prayer is to give thanks for our true identity and the reality of Love.

How do you live a life of prayer?
Give thanks continuously.
Speak and act with respect for all creation.
Choose your principle and purpose wisely.
Live each moment awake and aware.
Be a good steward of all the resources you have.
Let go of negative thinking and create positive possibilities in your life.
Begin the day with affirmation of the day you choose to have and give.
End the day with appreciation for what you have chosen and experienced.
Spend the moments in between with purpose, direction and enjoyment.
Acknowledge the God and Good, the Creative Power and Loving Presence in All That Is.
Notice the power, productivity and prosperity you experience when you live in prayer and praise.

Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin with Me!
Betty Lue

Here is one good reason to bring peace to our world with every thought, word and deed!
Yes, she could be a beautiful actress.
What a sensitive and intense being.
Tender hearted and very aware...
Loving her keeps you present and connected.
This is four year old Harper, a teacher of Love!