Sunday, September 06, 2009

Resurrection of a Dragonfly (and Your Life!) 

Mercury Retrograde (a great excuse to do nothing or do everything really WELL!)
Sunday, September 6, 9:40 pm PDT or Monday, September 7, 12:40 am EDT
The messenger planet's shift into reverse tends to complicate communications, travel and technical issues during its three-week cycle. Double checking details and data until Mercury turns direct on September 29 will save more time and energy than it costs. Cleaning up unfinished paperwork and reconnecting with people from the past are constructive ways to utilize this period effectively.

If you see something that needs to be done…..Just do it.
A piece of trash laying on your path….Pick it up.
A lost child crying for its Mom………Offer help.
A new sales clerk confused by the customers needs….Give understanding.
A Child frantic not getting to school on time….. Take time to help calmly.
A request for money from homeless…. Be kind. Give money if called.
A dragonfly stuck in your garage….Rescue and put outside.
Garbage that is overflowing…Take it out and dump it without blame.
Clothes to be laundered…….Do them and do them really well.
A meal to be fixed, dishes to be washed, room needing to be straightened, carpet to be vacuumed, contribution being requested, cans and bottles recycled, thank you note to be written, I love you to be said.

Yes, you get the message. Whatever needs to be done. Just do it.

We have become a nation of procrastinators.
We are often lazy with fear and blame on others.
The world we see is ours, our collective creation.
We distract ourselves with crazy and insulting entertainment.
We forget that what we see outside comes from within us.
We deny responsibility for teaching our children their lack of good manners.
We deny our own lack of common sense decisions.
We forget to teach others what we need to learn.
We justify our situation, by blaming it on God, the economy, our parents or the government.
We neglect to recognize the power within to choose, to change, to commit and make the difference.

The question is not what can you do, but are you willing?
Are you willing to step up and do the work?
Are you willing to get a job, any job? Yes, even at Mc Donalds!
Are you willing to stop complaining and start working.
Are you willing to forgive yourself for making your life choices another’s responsibility?
Are you willing to live a life you are proud of?
Are you willing to be a role model for the youth of today?
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to be responsible for your own bills?
Are you willing to work even when you don’t feel like it?
Are you willing to release your past self doubt and criticism and live for today?
Are you willing to begin your day with wonder at how good it can be?
Are you willing to step out of the pain and lethargy and get moving?
Are you willing to be all you can be….today?

It doesn’t matter how you feel. What matters is can you be happy?
It doesn’t matter how you feel. What matters is can you be at peace?
I doesn’t matter how you feel. Be the Love you are anyway!!

Loving you to just do it,
Betty Lue

This beautiful symbol of you and I and all perfection was caught on a cupboard in our garage.
Robert saw her and brought her outside to show to me. He wasn’t sure she would come back to life.
After lots of ooohing and aahing I went inside to get the camera to take her picture.
Robert applied his usual magic, God’s healing Reiki energy hands and lots of LOVE, and she lives....
She was still for a moment with the picture and then flew away in the wind.

Can you be still for a moment?
Can you listen to see what needs to be done?
Can you appreciate yourself fully?
Can you love yourself profoundly?
Can you bring yourself back to life?
You are this important! To us, to God, to our world!