Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Truly Helpful and Healing 

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God is everywhere unconditional Love shines through.

How can you be a truly helpful and a healing presence when requested?
How can you offer what is needed and wanted?
How can you know what is for the Highest Good of the recipient?
How can you be comforting, supportive, encouraging and speak Spiritual Truth?

A gathering of prayer chaplains, healing practitioners and ministers met with me on Sunday to learn more about believing and seeing the healing, wholeness and holiness in those requesting help and healing.

A Course in Miracles says,
To Heal is to make Happy.
Healing is inner peace.
Dis-ease or lack of peace comes from the experience of separation from God and the resultant guilt.
When we are healed, we are not healed alone.

Healer’s Prayer
I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent the Love Which sent me.
I need not worry about what to say or do, because Love will direct me.
I am content to be wherever Love wishes, know Love goes there with me.
I will be healed when I let Love teach me to heal.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness practiced by kahuna lapa’au (healing priests) to heal sickness.
Ho’oponopono encourages us to forgive our own errant thoughts perceptions and beliefs to heal.

A process for helping and healing work is as follows:
Be at Peace.
Listen to the request with your heart and your mind.
Be at Peace.
Listen within for spiritual guidance.
Be at Peace.
Speak the Words of Highest Wisdom, as guided.
Be at Peace.
Listen within and without for further guidance.
Be at Peace.
Know all is well.
Be at Peace.

Being truly helpful does not come from our usual ways of thinking, speaking and acting.
Being a healing presence requires that we are still and listen deeply within for our response.
Being a healing presence asks that we give up our agenda, judgments, diagnosis and concerns.
Being a helpful presence invites us to be peaceful and forgiving of any fears and limiting beliefs.

Consider being the one who gives what you would want to receive…..
Unconditional Love that is trusting and freeing from all conditions, limitations and defined outcomes.
Be willing to be at Peace.

Trusting and Freeing us all to bring Peace to every mind.
Betty Lue

Healing vs. Cure

1. Cure may occur without healing.
Healing may occur without cure.
Healing and Cure may occur simultaneously.
2. Cure considers the body separately from soul.
Healing embraces the whole
(physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships).
3. Cure is acting upon and is based on fear.
Healing is being with in love and faith.
4. Cure isolates.
Healing incorporates.
5. Cure combats illness.
Healing fosters wellness.
6. Cure fixes the body.
Healing corrects perception.
7. Cure is the application of external authority.
Healing is an inner process.
8. Cure is a closed system.
Healing is an open system.
9. Cure focuses on the future.
Healing focuses on the present.
10. Cure is performed upon another.
Healing shares with a sister, brother.
11. Cure manages.
Healing touches.
12. Cure often issues from fear.
Healing usually issues from faith.
13. Cure seeks to conquer pain.
Healing seeks to transcend pain.
14. Cure seeks to hold grief at a distance.
Healing incorporates grief.
15. Cure has a beginning and an end.
Healing is on ongoing process.
16. Cure encounters mystery as a challenge for knowledge and understanding.
Healing encounters mystery as a challenge to find meaning.
17. Cure focuses on what is happening to you.
Healing focuses on how you respond to what is happening to you.
18. Cure rejects death and views it as a defeat.
Healing includes death among the possible blessed outcomes.