Friday, September 04, 2009

Who Knows What Love Is 

In this world we all are trying to “get” what we call LOVE.
We are trying with our bodies to find, to fix, to give and receive LOVE.
We buy, perfume, strut and strain to “get” and “keep” a loving relationship.
We think if we only do enough, give enough, are enough and have enough, we’ll “get” the prize!

To seek for what we have seems foolish.
To want what we are seems senseless.
To covet what we deny is useless.
To buy and beg and steal what sits inside ourselves is ridiculous.

But Who knows?
The Truth is within.
The Love we seek is Who We Are.
The riches we covet is what we disclaim.

So how could this be?
We seem to find and deny.
Claim and lose.
Have and discard.

The game is over when we know we have.
Life’s finish line is right here and now.
We need only accept the winning trophy.
I Am the Love I Want.

To have Love, I must give the Love I AM.
To claim Peace, I need only extend the Peace in me.
To be truly happy, I must share my happiness with All.
To win at life, I must give my winning ways to everyone.

I love because Love is Who I Am.
I love because Love is my natural state.
I love because Love is the path of Happiness and Peace.
I love because I cannot deny my True Self.

You are Love whether or not you know Love.
You are Love whether or not you live Love.
You are Love whether or not you give Love.
You are Love whether or not you feel Love.

Know Your Self.
You are the Love You see,.
Be True to Your Self.
You are the Promise you keep.

When all the history and mystery is washed away in tears and laughter, you will know what I say is true.
When you give up your stories of disappointment, fear and anger, you will rejoice at how simple life is.
When you stop seeking after and simply claim what you have, you will be glad you are the One You Are.
When you start giving what is yours to give, you will value the gift of Love within You.

Stop deceiving yourself by playing hide and seek with your mind.
Love Is.
Life is the game of separation, lack and limitation to keep us searching for what is already ours.

I am loving you, because it is the only thing I know how to do.
With every word and deed, every thought and creed…..
I am Loving You ( me too! Because we are the same…all One!)

Betty Lue