Thursday, October 01, 2009

Motivate! Educate! Illuminate! 

We are in school.
Everyone is our teacher.
Love is the lesson.
Delight shows us the way.

To motivate and inspire, we must be motivated and inspired.
What motivates and inspires you?
What gives you the feelings that you want to learn and grow?
What helps you work to help and know?

When the teacher is critical and cranky, we feel bad and afraid.
When the teacher is appreciative and happy, we feel hopeful and determined.
When the lesson is difficult and serious, we feel tight and stressed.
When the lesson is fun, safe and easy, the learning is enjoyable and empowering.

How we show up in our families and workplaces, as well as with ourselves, determines the outcome of our life’s teaching and learning experiences.

Where there is Love (freedom and trust), we feel safe to explore our own unique ways of learning.
Where there is Joy, (inspiration and appreciation), we feel motivated and encouraged.
Where there is Opportunity (creative possibilities), we feel challenged and capable.
Where there is Positive regard (gratitude and affirmation), we feel supported and valued.

Each one of us is a teacher to those who see us, hear us and know us.
Consider what your thoughts, words and actions are teaching.
Are you focused on your work and making money?
Are you stressed and upset with your family?
Are you living the way you want your children and society to live?
Are you a giver or a taker?
Are you enjoying life or simply surviving day to day?
Are you critical and negative or appreciative and positive?
Are you respectful in all your relationships, using common courtesies?
Do you refrain from using pronaity, name-calling and crude languaging?
Are you emotions under control with no need to use ange rand threats or tears and guilt?
Do you treat your children with the greatest kindness, patience and understanding?
Do you listen with your whole mind and heart rather than jump to conclusions?
Do you care as much about your family as you do about your clients and those in business?
Are you living the values you want for your children and those in future generations?
Do you clean up after yourself everywhere or expect someone else to do it for you?
Do you feel proud of your use of your time and money, even when no one is watching?
Are you aware of how much how you live and love and give determines the quality of your life?

You are here to motivate yourself and others.
You are here to educate yourself and others.
You are here to illuminate yourself and others.

I am inspired to learn and light the way as I go,
Betty Lue
Note: We are in San Diego October 5-10, so no classes during the week.
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