Sunday, November 01, 2009

All Saint’s Day 


There are many saints in our presence…….

· Those who love another as much or more than themselves…..
· Those who give freely of time, energy and resources for the Good of others.
· Those who fully appreciate the Good in their lives.
· Those who seek no credit for the Good they do.
· Those who make sacred and heal the unhealed.

Yes, You too, may be a saint.

Tuesday is full moon day.
Emotions may be intense.
Tempers and passions and addictions may flare up.
Conflicts and Confusion may arise.

What You do with what you see and know and feel is your choice.

You can be the safe place of freedom and trust.
You can bring the gift of forgiveness and Love.
You can share the highest vision for goodness and beauty.
You can respect all voices and honor all paths.

How You live is your teaching and your example.

Know that your words teach others what to believe.
Know that your activities lead others to do the same.
Know that your thoughts and prayers lights the way.
Know that everything you give is received.

How You love expands healing, wholeness and Goodness in All.

You are making a difference, whether you know it or not.
You are making a difference, whether it is seen by others or not.
You are making a difference, even when your life is private.
You are making a difference, even when your gifts are anonymous.

Saints are often unnoticed in the greater world.

Their ways are not boastful or obvious.
Their words are not boisterous or braggadocio.
Their thoughts are not self-aggrandizing.
Their everyday lives heal, inspire and bring greater peace.

Saints often live eccentric and extraordinary lives.

Praying for others’ Good is powerful.
Choosing simplicity is healing.
Living with kindness and respect is inspiring.
Giving with joy and gratitude is Godly.

Love yourself this day and everyday, living the highest thoughts, words and activities,
Betty Lue

Loving you in all we do.

Reunion Ministries has been called to create a spiritual retreat for individuals, families and small groups.
After many years of intermittently listening and looking, we have found and are renewing our Reunion Lake House at Hidden Valley Lake in Lake County, CA.
Approximately two hours drive from the San Francisco Bay Area, (driving through beautiful wine country Napa and Calistoga along the Silverado Trail), the vistas are awe-inspiring.
The little community is natural, friendly and filled with helpful respectful people who look out for one another.
We are renewing with new bathrooms, appliances, carpet and paint to make it ready for you.
It is a place of peace, inspiration, appreciation and joy.
The great room and deck have a glorious west facing view of the quiet lake.
There is a small beach just a short walk downhill from the Lake House.
Hidden Valley Lake has tennis courts, golf course, swimming pool, hiking trails and campground, nearby horseback riding and more.

We will dedicate the Reunion Lake House and Spiritual Retreat on Winter solstice, December 19 for the Good of All.
Thank you for your prayers of appreciation and for holding the vision of Love and Peace for everyone in our world.
You are a treasured gift, a precious Source of inspiration, for all we do in the name of Love.

Always Loving, trusting and freeing us all to live the Highest Way we know.
Betty Lue