Saturday, November 28, 2009

Are You Prepared? 

Have you prepared yourself for a new day of possibility?
Are you ready for all calls for service?
Are you awake to give your very best?
Can you be the one who is helpful, patient and listening?

Yes, the Holidays (Holy Days) are coming.
And the end of 2009 and another New Year is here.
But more importantly, we are awaiting a change, a renewal, a new beginning.
This season is a reminder to prepare the way for a light in the darkness.

Usually we are taught that the Light is a Special One, the singular Light of Christ.
In traditional Christianity, the Second Coming refers to the same Christ appearing again.
However, what if the teachings were to prepare the way for us?
What if we have missed the message and stepped away from our calling?

Are you ready to step up and be the One?
Are you willing to forgive the past and everyone?
Can you bring the light into any darkness that comes?
Are you prepared to bring the Peace of God and Good?

Have you considered your calling where you are right now?
Have you been willing to maintain your own spiritual practice?
Do you take time to be inspired and grateful everyday?
Have you found a fun, safe, easy and loving way to live and love and give?

Look at your own daily life.
Do you speak with respect to everyone?
Do you remember to treat all beings with dignity and kindness?
Do you behave in ways that are patient, gentle and open-minded?

Have you given consideration for all beliefs?
Do you honor all ages, economic and educational backgrounds?
Are you giving your best wherever you go, at home and work?
Do you take impeccable care of your Spirit, your body and your mind?

Are you easily forgiving of any mistakes you make?
Do you naturally forgive yourself and others of forgetfulness?
Can you have compassion for the worldly stresses that people experience?
Are you willing to take time to bring healing peace and Good will?

Are you prepared to be the One?
Are you open to give Love here and now?
Are you ready to give generously your Joy?
Are you grateful for the Piece of Good You Are?

I Hope we all are remembering to Prepare the Way for Love and Light today!
Betty Lue