Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do you Appreciate, Take for Granted, Expect or Ignore? 

It has come to my attention that those who appreciate are the most happy.
Those who value life as it is seem to stay positive.
Those who fully enjoy the good they have seem to have more true happiness.
Those who actively and consciously show appreciation have more to appreciate.

Those who complain have more to complain about.
Those who expect and assume life to treat them well are easily disappointed.
Those who ignore the Good they have often see it diminish.
Those who take for granted and even misuse the Good find diminishing returns.

It is in valuing the Good in our lives that the Good is exalted.
It is in appreciating those who do Good that they are strengthened and supported.
It is in praising, expressing gratitude and respect consciously that the Good grows.
It is in seeing life in a new way every day that we fully love those we have.

Can you appreciate yourself for creating your life?
Can you appreciate the Earth for her beauty and bounty?
Have you honored the riches of her soil and air and water?
Can you give thanks for the sustenance that comes from what the Earth is giving?
Do you appreciate the stores you shop in?
Do you value the schools, the libraries, the museums and the teachers?
Have you given to those enterprises that serve you and others so well?
Do you support the institutions that keep you informed and inspired?
Have you given your thanks to those people who give your Goodness daily?
Are you truly glad you have a job and/or a source of income?
Do you value the good you eat and the bed in which you sleep?
Have you truly appreciated the home in which you live and the car you drive?
Are you appreciative for the safety of firemen, policement, healthgivers and caretakers?
Do you say thank you daily to all those who come your way recognizing what each one gives?

Yes, finding fault and looking for problems or mistakes has been our training…….
However, this negative approach negates and diminishes the Good That Is.
Finding the Good and looking for blessings is another way.
The positive approach enhances, inspired, strengthens and increases the Good.
This change of mental habit will change your life and change your world.

Develop the habit of appreciation.
Enjoy the habit of encouragement.
See the value of contribution.
Give the best you have to everyone all the time.

You are the change you want to see.
You are the transformation that will bless our world.
You are the gift that is here to highlight the Good.

Loving you,
Betty Lue