Monday, November 09, 2009


Love is our Natural State.
Joy is our Natural State.
Abundance is our Natural State.
Health is our Natural State.

When we are not experiencing love, joy, abundance, and wholeness, something has gone wrong.
When we are upset, discouraged, stuck in lack, littleness or limitation, we are off track.
When we feel lost, confused, conflicted, doubtful, we are not honoring our inner voice.
When we are tired, disappointed, and feeling hurt, we are not loving ourselves well.

To give is to connect with those to whom you give.
To connect there must be positive energy in the giver.
To have positive energy, we must listen within and trust in the gift and the giving.
To listen within, we cannot predetermine or assume the gift and the giving.

To Love is natural.
Loving requires no doing or thinking, planning or preparing.
Loving is a state that is as natural as breathing.
Loving is to the giver and the receiver.

To be happy is natural.
Being Joy filled is not based on pleasuring ourselves or receiving something.
Being truly happy is natural experience for those who do not withhold their Love.
Being happy is related to loving abundantly and with gratitude.

To be abundant is natural.
When we stop all comparison, envy, judgment and worry, we find our lives are rich.
When we let go of believing abundance is based on what we own or buy, we are fulfilled.
When we love and appreciate the life we have, we experience true prosperity.

To be whole is natural.
When we focus on the problems or imperfections of our ever-changing physiology, we make feel sick.
When we are not at peace with our current state, we experience inner lack of ease. (“dis-ease”)
When we return to peace and forgive our fears, we find true wholeness and holiness within.

Giving comes from living our lives naturally in a state of trust and freedom.
Giving gives us energy and a sense of abundance and fulfillment.
Giving from our natural state is much like a tree that simply is and breathes in and out.
Giving reminds us we are Love and Joy and Abundant and Whole.

Giving awakens our Spirit, opens our mind and touches our hearts.
Giving is Living Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue