Thursday, November 12, 2009

Harmony in Your Home 

What does it take to have harmony in your home and your workplace?
What does it take to have peace and harmony among nations?
What will it take to bring peace and harmony to our world?
We are waiting for you to bring this vision to truth.

Yes, each and everyone who is still at war, angry or afraid is needed to come to peace.
Where you are not peaceful, you cannot bring peace to others.
Where you are angry, you have not forgiven.
Where you are hurting and afraid, you will build defenses.
Where you are doubting and distrustful, you cannot extend peace.
Where you are judging and critical, you cannot build certainty.
Where you have prejudice and discrimination, you cannot encourage harmony.
Where you are lonely and separate, you cannot honor your piece of the whole.

When there is peace in the soul, there is harmony in the home.
When there is harmony in the home, there is peace in the community.
When there is harmony in the community, there is peace in the world.
You are the Bringer of Peace and Harmony to your world.

What can you do?
Love yourself well today.
Give up the habits of complaining, gossip and worry and choose to be grateful.
Enjoy every aspect of your life, home and work, friendships and family.
Clear all those beliefs, situations and memories that no longer serve your peace and happiness.

Give yourself peace by choosing to appreciate the Good in you and around you.
Find within yourself the willingness to translate all circumstances into opportunities.
See life as supporting the best in you and strengthening your capacity to love.
Enjoy the fruits of your labor by valuing what you give with love and joy.

Make your bed and enjoy resting in it.
Keep your agreements with yourself and reward yourself with love.
Give your best to yourself, for the sheer joy of giving your very best.
See your life as a blessing to you and coming from you.

Teach your world to sing and dance with happiness by being the one who remembers.
Honor all life and trust everyone is doing the best they know at the time.
Offer help and encouragement when and where it will be received and valued.
Learn to live by the principles you want others to learn.

Watch the world change wherever you bring your peace and happiness.
Observe your family become more respectful and helpful, because you are.
Learn to live with peace in your heart and bring harmony and kindness to all relationships.
Have the life your really want because you dare to create it being so.

Loving you in letting go of the past and choosing peace and harmony right now,
Betty Lue