Friday, November 27, 2009

Hope and Pray 

Is it possible that when we hope we are praying?
Is it true that when we hope we hold a vision?
Could it be that hope is a signal from our higher self?
Are we willing to allow ourselves to hope and pray?

I hope and pray that all my brethren will awaken to Love.
I hope and pray that we forgive all sins, errors and mistakes.
I hope and pray that each child has the nourishment and nurturance they need.
I hope and pray that the world will live together in peace and harmony.

What I hope for is a dream, a vision, a possibility of what can be.
What I hope for is what I hold in my heart as the Truth of God.
What I hope for is what I remember from before time began.
What I hope for is the song of angels and the prayer of saints.

And to Whom do I pray?
Is it not mine to do these things for which I long?
Is it not mine to live the life I hold in my heart?
Is it not mine to be the One who sing and prays these things?

If I cannot be that which I seek, how can I teach anyone else?
If I cannot forgive all sins and awaken to love, how can I expect another?
If I cannot feed the children within my reach with good food and perfect Love, how can I ask another?
If I cannot sing of harmony and peace with every prayer in my heart, how can I ask You?

And so it is, today I begin again.
I forgive my past and that of all my brothers and sisters.
I release all doubt and fear and choose to live in Love.
I express gratitude that we all are free to choose again.

I answer my own prayer by consciously erasing that which is not good for all.
I appreciate each one I see who is joining the circle of inspired creation.
I give thanks that there is no moment except now in which I can fully be.
I honor and respect those who choose to live and give with dignity.

My life is a song of forgiveness and a prayer of hope.
My words are in invitation to awaken all to Love.
My work is to hold the vision of renewal of spirit in everyone.
My journey is one of being a sacred space in which all will remember Love and return to Holiness.

I am loving you and me and all as One.
Let us awaken ourselves and our choices to be happy and free, Being the All we are meant to be.
Now is the time and we are the Ones.
So let us say YES to our hopes and our dreams, allowing the Vision of Goodness shine through.

I am Loving You,
Betty Lue