Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mind Your Own Business or Do Something? 

‘If you see something that needs to be done, it is yours to do.’
‘Tend your own garden, before telling someone else how to tend theirs.’
‘What others do or say is none of my business’.
‘You are your brother’s keeper.’
‘Do unto others what you want others to do for you.’

How do I know when I am to do or say something?
First, listen within, to your heart.
Find the way that brings you peace and feels kind and helpful.
Give what you have where it will be received and no rejected.

If there is potential for harm, do something immediately with confidence and kindness.
If there is simply wanting to control or change another, stop and think first to your intention.
If there is wanting to make things better for everyone, ask where and how it will be best received.
If there is judgment, criticism, correction, it is best to forgive, find inner peace and seek to understand.

When others feel attacked, made wrong, belittled and/or judged, they tend to become defensive.
When others are told they are behaving incorrectly, they do not trust your motives unless you are respected.
You will not be respected unless you are living what you teach, are respectful of them, and clearly know.
You can effect change in others by modeling, learning about them, finding their willingness and abilities.

Adults who are clearly making their own choice are different than the elderly, infirm or children.
We are guardians of this earth.
We are caregivers for one another.
We are the awakening ones who know.
We are called to participate.
We are encouraged to be response able.
We are conscious of errors in thinking and behaviors.
We are accepting of differences in beliefs, background and preferences.
We are understanding of life’s choices and the opportunities to learn and grow.

Showing up and speaking up is key to helping one another wake up.
Saying the highest truth without threat or attack is a key communication art.
Being willing to trust in the learning process for everyone, gives freedom to all.
Playing our part with clarity, confidence, consistency and commitment is essential.

Each one of us is making a difference for all of us.
So mind the “business” that is yours in which you are invited and inspired to participate.
Give all to all to have the change your want to be and see.
Know that Love says and does what brings trust and freedom to all concerned.

Giving for the sake of reminding us all to be the givers we are meant to be,
Betty Lue