Monday, November 02, 2009

The Power of Intention 

Under every conscious activity is the power of your intention.
Within every conscious written or spoken expression is the power of your intention.
Under our conscious dreaming and visioning is the power of your intention.
Be conscious of your intention in life and notice the power of your thoughts, words and deeds.

When I am about to give something, I clarify my intention in the giving.
When I am going to speak with someone, I get conscious about my intention.
When I am imagining a class or event, I write or verbalize my intention.
This brings into conscious focus what is the desired outcome to which I am committed.

When I am about to do something about which I am uncertain or ambivalent, I ask, What is my intention?
When I remember my life purpose, my mission, my goals, my intention, I know and I do.
With intention, everything can be and will be used for good.
With consciousness, everything will serve a healing, healthy and holy purpose.

I recognize that my clear intention and commitment to consciousness leads me to fulfillment.
I know that everything I think and say and do is part of my natural focus and intention
I honor the choices I have made by giving them my honest highest intention.
I respect myself with focusing on successful completion and fulfillment for the highest Good.

The intention I choose most often is: May this serve the Highest Good for All.
I recognize that I cannot be more specific because I do not know what is Good for everyone.
I trust that the path I choose in life is diverse, different than others and it flows with what is called.
I respect that there is a Higher Power and Presence that sees with inclusion for All Beings.

When choosing an intention of your own making, add the phrase ‘whatever is for the Highest Good.’
This will cover those areas of unconsciousness, confusion and conflict and allow you to be confident.
In connecting with many whose needs vary, I can only and always give the best I know.
When serving the “highest Good”, I know that I do not know and must listen within and follow.

When I am at peace, clear and confident, I give 100% to the desired outcome.
When I am conflicted, confused and uncertain, I can only give a lesser percentage of my energy.
I am trusting in all I think and say and do, that I am including everyone .
It is only when I seek Good for All, that I can freely trust my inner guidance and direction.

Therefore, the power of my intention comes without holding back.
The power of my intention comes with certainty and trust.
The power of my intention is fueled by my Love for all creation and the Creative Power within.
The power of my intention is appreciated as I see the Good unfold in Good for All.

Loving you with all my heart, my mind and the very Highest Good I know,
Betty Lue