Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Time Is Now 

If not now, when?
Why wait?

To know and not act seems foolish.
To be ready and hesitate is letting fear lead.

Love trusts.
Love frees.

There are many things we know, but do not put into action.
There are thanks to give, but we forget or get distracted.
There are ways to give and moments to live, but we wait.
There are pounds to lose and habits to quit, and we procrastinate.

Too much distraction.
Too many detours.
Too much stress.
Too many priorities.

So what is the way to go?
What is the voice to follow?
What is the song you sing?
What are your words of wisdom?

Love is the way.
Follow your heart.
Listen within.
You know when to begin.

Do it now.
Take the first step.
Honor your Self.
Appreciate the chance.
Give your All.
Have faith.
Go for it!

Yes. Love says YES.
Life is long, but very short.
Promises are made to be kept.
Joy lights the way.

You know where you are called to begin.
With forgiveness and gratitude?
With commitment and follow through?
With encouragement and support?
With plans and routines?
With one day at a time?
With rewards and celebration?
With healthy habits and inspiration?

With pep talks and honest dialogue?
With lifestyle choices and changes?
With releasing the past and visioning your future?
With time for yourself to nourish and nurture?

With freedom and trust, because Love is a must!
Take time for You and watch the Good that follows.
You can and will do it this time.
Persistence with your eye on your goals pay off.

Loving you is loving me.
Loving us is loving All.
Betty Lue

PS We are opening a new and needed spiritual retreat space for individuals, couples and families, just 2 hours from the Bay Area.
It is Reunion Lake House in Hidden Valley Lake, CA. All our friends and family can utilize this space for silent retreats, healing, visioning, getting healthy and just plain fun.  It is our hope that everyone will find more contact with the natural healing power of nature and a life of simplicity and healthy living.  From this we all can give more of the Love We Are. The initial move takes place the first week in December, but there will continue to be some remodeling, exterior painting, etc. until January.