Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran’s Day 

Let us be grateful for those who serve.
Let us give thanks for all the ways of serving.
Warriors, magicians, priests, servers, artisans, sages, and  kings.
Thanks to the ones who research and apply, defend and protect, communicate and listen, create and inspire, care take and nurture, lead and teach, and simply live the good life.

We really need to learn to appreciate it all.
Appreciation clears the mistakes.
Appreciation inspires improvement.
Appreciation builds confidence.
Appreciation creates partnership.
Appreciation opens communication.
Appreciation heals wounds.
Appreciation lifts barriers.
Appreciation stops conflict.
Appreciation encourages Goodness.

Let us take this day to remember to appreciate our history and our future.
Let us enjoy the experience of appreciating all that is right now.

Appreciating you,
Betty Lue