Friday, December 11, 2009

Problems: What To Do? 

Some stay to long,
Some leave to soon.
Some ignore them.
Some explore them.

We get to choose.
If you find yourself losing energy, you have stayed too long.
If you find you are curious, continue to learn more.
If you find you have more important things to do, move on.
If your find you are avoiding them because you don’t have the confront, ask for help.

Some problems in life are irritants.
Some problems are real trouble for the soul.
Some problems are just there to challenge and strengthen us.
Some problems reflect indecision and inner conflict and confusion.

All problems invite us to TRUST.
Trust ourselves.
Trust our Source.
Trust ”This too shall pass.”
Trust “All things work together for Good.”

Problems are obstacles that cloud our vision.
Problems are conflicts between ego and Spirit.
Problems are a result of living in a physical world of duality, chaos and insanity.
Problems are a result of making a world of defenses against the Truth.

We each have a pattern or habit of dealing with problems.
Some are fixers.
Some are blamers.
Some are avoiders.
Some are claimers.

I tend to be curious, an adventurer and enjoy being the detective.
I know it is all an “inside job” so I look for the clues within.
My computer is working slow……I am tired.
The pipes froze and we had no water on Wednesday….I look for new ways to clean up and open the flow.
I have a problem within my family so I can better counsel and coach others with the same problem.
Someone doesn’t know what to do and they ask me, so I can respond, “Listen within.”

Life is a constant learning laboratory.
When we take each experiment too seriously and personally, we can stay for a lifetime on one problem.  To finish the exam efficiently, if  we don’t know the answer, move on and answer all the questions you know.  Often you will find or remember the answers you didn’t know on the second time through.

Enjoy the process.
Learn from everything.
Stay respectful of yourself.
Always do your best.

Loving you in all I say and do,
Betty Lue