Saturday, January 09, 2010

Can You Tell? 

Can you tell when there is a need for change?
Can you feel when there is a call for healing?
Do you recognize that forgiveness is always needed?
Do you understand that enlightenment is an inside job?

Those who are hurting need help and healing.
Those who are unkind and unfair need patience and education.
Those who are angry and desperate need safety and peace.
Those who are crazy and misbehaving need love and understanding.

Do you know that all unloving acts are a call for Love?
Do you realize that all violence is a reaction to feeling lack of peace and safety?
Did you know that defensiveness comes from guilt and fear?
Do you see that justification is the result of feeling wrong and blamed?

Yes, negative and unloving human behavior is the result of lack of peace and love and joy within.
When we have no positive thoughts and no unloving feelings, there is no way to act with love.
When we are believe we are in danger, we react with defensiveness and self protection.
When we are confused, conflicted and lacking in focus, we react without consciousness.

Change in difficult situations always begins with the one who is observing and conscious.
Parent and child, married partners, teachers and students, employers and employees, it matters not our position.  What matters is the neutrality and responsibility of the individual.  “The change I want to see is always up to me.”  If one person wants to make a change, they must make the change in their own thinking and then in their own behavior.

The change begins with the one who is conscious, awake and aware of what is.
The need for change can be observed when another’s behavior becomes erratic, unusual, confusing, defensive, attacking, hateful and/or fearful.
Those who act erratic are confused.
Those who act confused lack clarity and focus.
Those who behave usually are feeling different or strange.
Those who act defensive are feeling judged.
Those who attack are feeling attacked and fearful.
Those who are hateful feel unloveable and  hated.
Those who act fearful believe they are in danger.
The basic rules of human emotion apply.

What you see demonstrates what is going on in the mind and body of the one you are observing.
We can try to teach, convince, punish, demand, pacify the other, but they will probably not be capable of receiving and responding.
It is essential that we clear ourselves first, so that we can be truly helpful and effective.
Where we are afraid, angry or upset, our emotions will block or distort our healing message.
Where we are uncertain, frightened or judgmental, we will cause confusion and fear.
Where we are peaceful and loving, we will be clear, connected and effective in our responses.

The change begins in me.
I can trust myself when I am peaceful.
I can be free in how I respond when I am connected with Source within.
I can be helpful when I know the other’s need as I know my own.
I can be the healing presence when I can find the other’s pain and respond with Love.

The change begins with me.
I must change my mind by changing my attitude.
The healing begins with me.
I must heal my fear, my unloving reactions.
The forgiveness begins with me.
I must forgive my judgments and blame.
The enlightenment begins with me.
I must bring the light of peace and understanding into my mind.

To be truly helpful requires that I be peaceful.
To be truly helpful requires that I be loving.
To be truly helpful requires that I listen within.
To be truly helpful requires that I trust my higher Self.

This is our healing and holy work in all circumstances.
We are able and must be willing.
Now is our time to make the change we want to see.
We must make the change from within and make it consistently.

Loving you and loving me as ONE,
Betty Lue