Friday, January 08, 2010

Change Transforms 

When we change even one small thing, everything changes to adjust to the whole.
When you make the slightest movement in a geodesic dome, every part must readjust.
When you make an adjustment in your gait or stance, everything must realign.
When one person in a family system changes, the homeostasis shifts and all are impacted.

Change begets change in everyone.
When people feel others are changing, they may resist because they prefer the security of status quo.
When there is an energy or schedule change, all can trust and accept or fear and resist.
When we are making positive personal changes, everyone is benefitted.

Some announce their planned changes to get agreement and support.
Others hide their changes and hope others don’t interfere or resist.
Some feel fearful they may not keep to their plan, and so don’t want to share.
Some are excited and want group or family support and accountability.

To make changes in your life, be clear about what is your higher purpose.
Become aware of your intention and what motivates your changes.
Seek inspirational resources and look for ways to consciously support yourself.
Follow up with regular “checkins” and rewards to keep the momentum going.

Recognize that where you have been lazy or lethargic, you may need a boost.
Where you lack movement or fear change, you may meet with your own resistance.
Where you feel jealousy or others lagging behind, you may feel them holding you back.

First get a clear picture of what you want.
Imagine what it will take to achieve what you want.
Set a step by step plan, making each piece achievable.
Clarify the changes you want to make immediately.
Recognize that even one small change will get the momentum going.
Support your changes with affirmations, a support person or group, giving yourself rewards, or ???
Do what works for you
If you don’t meet your own goals, simply forgive any judgments, and choose to begin again.
Recognize that each change affirms your potential for change and transformation.

Life is meant to be change for the Good.
Life is an opportunity to create what you want.
Life has unlimited porential for change.
Life is transformation in expression.

It is up to each one of us to choose  and become the change we want to see.
We each are part of the global change for all humanity.
When we make beneficial change, we are affirming and encouraging beneficial change for everyone.
We are transforming our lives by changing our minds and our behavior.

Let us each take responsibility for making positive changes in our own personal lives.

Loving us all as we bless our world with change,
Betty Lue