Sunday, January 03, 2010

Intention Is Everything! 

Classes and Group start again Tuesday Jan. 12th!  See you then. Email me or see for details.
After our church service, fellowship and New Year’s Visioning Workshop today, we will be leaving with our grandchildren for the snow east of South Lake Tahoe.
We will return on Saturday 10th. My hunch is that sending the bulk email for Loving Reminders will not work, but you may check my website:…or email me directly ….or call me 800-919-2392 for a phone appt.

Thirteen Intentions for the Coming Year!

Can you set your own intentions in all these areas quickly and easily?
Place them on a treasure map with pictures where you can review them periodically.
Or put your list in a safe and sacred place, in a Bible, treasure box or altar.
Give yourself a time of reflection and inner focus to “intend” what matters to you.

Here are some of mine.
Physical Health
May I support my physical vehicle with the ideal thoughts, words, activities and nutrition.
May my physical presence embody the Love and Joy I Am.
Personal Happiness
My inner joy is expressed through my words, my creations, my environment and my relationships.
I create laughter, gratitude and happy contributions wherever I AM.
Spiritual Connection
I am attuned with Spirit in All I do, everything I say, what I give and All that I have.
Spirit guides my life.
Financial Abundance
Money flows to me and through my works for the Good of All.
 I need nothing except to joyfully share All that I have.
Relationships in Harmony
My relationships, whether long term or chance encounters inspire, encourage and support the Highest Good in everyone.  I relate with respect, appreciation and open-mindedness.
Environmental Respect
My environments at home and work are beautiful, clean and orderly.
They inspire and offer peace and joy to all who enter.
Community Outreach
I reach out naturally with ease to those around me.  I serve with the guidance and direction of Spirit within.  I teach by example that volunteering the best you have serves All, including yourself.
Travel Focus
Traveling is fun, safe and easy for me as I manifest beauty and goodness with everything I see and those I encounter in my journeys. Love is the way we walk in gratitude.
Unity Church and Reunion Centers
The Centers and church for which I am responsible are filled with healing and happy energy to awaken and inspire everyone to remember the Love within and the gift of giving One Self.
Communication Effectiveness
My communications via vision, positive thoughts and prayers, written and spoken words and the life I lead are clear, concise and effective teaching and touching others with respect and kindness.
Worldly Ease
My world works for me and the Highest Good.  The tools and technology I use are effective and easy to maintain and utilize for the Holy and Healing work I am called to do.
Inspirational Availability
I am present with trust and freedom to all who come my way. I am open, responsive and appreciative of the gifts I share with everyone I encounter as teacher, minister, counselor, coach and friend.
Educational Expansion
Everyone is my teacher.  I am open and willing to learn all that leads me to more light and enlightenment.  I expand my awareness as I free myself of all judgment and separation.

Now it is time for you to write yours!
Blessings of encouragement, support and Love, 

Betty Lue

Know You are loved.