Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year’s Day 2010 

(Eleven year anniversary for these daily Loving Reminders now received by thousands around the planet!)

Full Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse last night.
Moon is void of course all day today.
Mercury in retrograde until January 15, 2010.
End of a decade and the beginning of a new one.
Empress year of creativity, beauty, nurturing the Self.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!
No matter how you see today, the beginning of a new year.
It can be a loving reminder to set your intentions consciously.
Each day, each phone call, each encounter can be meaningful when you set you intention.

Would you be willing to set 12 goals or intentions for this year?
Remind yourself of your intentions by simply reviewing them weekly or monthly.
Create a treasure map or visual picture of what you intend and post it where you can see it daily.
Give yourself small steps to take to build success in living what you intend.

Use your life as a canvas.
Imagine the beauty and goodness, fun and enjoyment you may want to experience.
Visualize your relationships, your self image and reputation, your communication and interactions.
Use descriptive adjectives that help you feel the experiences your intend for yourself.

Know that your love of Self will keep you focused and guided from within.
Where there is disappointment or self criticism, clear the blocks with focused forgiveness and affirmation.
Honor your entire life, mistakes and challenges, achievements and creations, with joyful gratitude.
See everything as integral to the beauty of the whole tapestry of your life.

Life is easier when you love your authentic self.
Life is more fun when you appreciate your  true self.
Life is totally safe when you trust your Higher Self.
When you know you will always value, support and Love you, no matter what, you will be at peace.

Perhaps the key you have been seeking has been not how to get from others what you seek.
Perhaps the missing piece has not been the partner, the house, the job, but simply Self Love.
Perhaps the spiritual connection you have sought has never been outside, but an inside connection.
If your thoughts, words and behavior has been inconsistent or lacking Love, you would feel lost.

May this year be a time of healing the wounds your have allowed to fester.
May this year be a place where you stop hurting yourself with unkindness.
May this year be a gift of self nurturing daily.
May this year be a daily happy surprise of self discovery and self valuing.

You see, what the all loving God intended was for us to Love the gift we were given.
When you hate or are ashamed or abusive of the Gift, you cannot know God or the Unconditional Love.
Forgive  the errors of past generations.
Begin to see and feel the blessing of your Self,  and you will come to know God and All Goodness Within.

You are awesome and wonderfully made.
You are created in the likeness and image of the Infinite, all-loving and all-powerful Creator.
Yes, You have all power within you.
When you have truly forgiven all self hatred, anger and judgment, you will know God.

I am loving you with every breath, every word and every deed I do.
I Am  Betty Lue (alias “True Blue”)

Pictures of the Grandkids for those who know and love them.
Graham and Sofi

Fun with Robert’s Son Graham

Son and Daughter Lacey and Son-in Law Dan

Playing Games together.

All in our home the day after Christmas!


Shuggles with Sofi and Beckett watching.

Ganging up on Graham!  They all love him!


Lila up on the counter pouring us a cup of tea.


Our Daughters (Lacey lives in Portland and Hilarie in Alameda.)