Sunday, January 10, 2010

Supporting Changes 

Yes, it is the same title as 2 days ago, because it is my talk today at Unity Center for Inspired Living.
Because we just returned from 2 weeks away and we have a board meeting and a visioning meeting this afternoon and our first class in Truth Principles and Meditation, I will keep this short and sweet.  Middle of the night listening.

Everything is changing all the time.
Weather, politics, economy, fads, relationships, emotions, environment, and our homes and bodies, etc. We need a steadfast and true North Star, in us for security and certainty of direction and focus.

To be assured that you are on course in life:
These simple principles will work.
Stay true to your Higher Self.
Stay true to your values and ethics.
Stay true to your goals.
Stay true to your connection within.

Favorite reminders:
Be flexible.
Flow around obstacles.
Trust in your inner voice (conscience, guidance, intuition)
Be open and willing to do good for yourself and others.
Forgive, erase and release all mistakes, yours, mine and ours.
Give yourself supportive words, models and  relationships.

Loving you in all I do,
Betty Lue