Monday, January 11, 2010

What is Your True Identity? 

(Classes begin again this week!)
Weekend Retreat, Jan 16-17 in our Rio Vista Home. Whole Life Balance: “Living Truth and Loving You!”

Who are you?
To what family do you belong?
What is your inheritance?
What is your heritage?

Could it be that you have been living our someone else’s destiny?
Have you taken on the programs of past generations?
Do you look, behave and live like your parents, grandparents and ancestors?
Are you convinced you are a mere mortal with limited capabilities and flawed genetics?

I, Betty Lue, am one who remembers the truth of our origin.
I see the beauty, goodness and perfection within all creation.
I was losing my focus and being indoctrinated by the beliefs of my brethren.
I saw the light fading into the fog of forgetfulness and I knew I in error.

How is it that humanity has succumbed to the fallen world?
How can it be that we deny our own true destiny?
How are we to awaken when we lull ourselves to sleep with stories of victimization?
How can we remember and become strong when it appears easy to fall into lethargy?

You and I are on the same team:  the awakening ones!
We together can lift the veil of our unconsciousness.
We can undo what is not true and realize our self-determined fate.
“Those who sleep, lose.”

The awakened ones find great joy in abundant living with peace in our minds and love in our hearts.
We can see that there is much we can do beginning again with Who We Really Are.
We are here to see the Truth and live with instant forgiveness, clearing all errors.
No one to blame, no time to waste, no lingering fears, no history to change. freedom and trust!

Yes, the myth of analyzing and judging our history must be relinquished.
There is no need for excuses, justifications or explanations, we simply must choose again.
When we show up as the unlimited beings of Love we are, we are open to trust and free to choose.
Life is an eternal gift of choice.

Choosing without consciousness of our true identity, wisdom imbued with love and confidence born of our relationship with the Infinite, Omnipotence and Omniscience, renders us weak and uncertain.
Choosing with the awareness of our True Origin, Heritage and Inheritance, honoring the Voice Within, and living the Highest ideals we know leads us to Heaven, a living example of Peace on Earth.

So, Why Not?
Discover Who and Whose You Are.
Live your Higher Purpose.
Be the One You Seek and Know it is Good!

Trusting you with all the Power in me, 

Betty Lue

I welcome you to my classes, retreats, counseling and coaching.
You are welcome in my life, as you have included me in yours.
I am always loving, trusting and freeing us all, into the fullness of our calling.
We are here together full of the highest and best, sometimes buried in our pathos.
We are called to be loving, encouraging and supportive reminders to one another.
We are meant to strengthen, inspire and demonstrate our Wholeness, Goodness and Power.
Share you inspiring stories.  Be bold in demonstrating Greatness.  Appreciate the Value of Your Holy Self.
Together we are awakening our world to live consciously with conscientious attention to all our choices.
Love is trust and freedom for one and for all.  

I am loving you,  
Betty Lue