Thursday, January 07, 2010

What Right? 

So what’s right with you?
Has anyone asked you what going on that’s great?

Does anyone share what is perfect?
Do we really care about the good news

Why are we so addicted to the tragic, the suffering, the terror?
Why do we gravitate toward that which moves our emotions?
Why do we crave more bad news?
Are we in competition for the worst story or the highest glory?

I spent about 10-15 years during the late 70”s ad 80’s with any news.
No TV, media, newspapers or polarizing conversations.
I was free of the desire to focus on what was wrong in my world.
I did my spiritual work and life worked for myself and those around me.

As people age, they often talk more about their physical problems.
As people watch more drama on TV, they seem to see more drama around them.
As people fear accidents, illnesses and bad stuff, they seem to experience them.
As people focus on the upsets and the drama, they seem to attract them.

Metaphysically, we know that what we focus on, we increase.
Universal law says that where we give our attention, we attract to us.
As “civilized” people, we seem to want to know all the worst news.
Where we give our attention, we increase both in our own lives and on the planet.
Problem or solution? Let’s change our focus and enjoy the good news.

You can be honest about your seeming problems and express a change of direction.
When someone asks, “How are you?”
You can answer “Great” while focused on what is GREAT.
You can say, “ I was worried and I prefer to trust.”
 “I woke up with cold symptoms and I  know they will clear quickly.”
“ I may not have lots of money, and we have a roof over our heads and food to eat.”
“I feel some aches and pains, and I am glad I can work.”
“Life has its challenges, and they strengthen me.”

Find a way to reframe everything to be a positive, affirmative and encouraging truth.
There is no need to spread doom and gloom or bad news.
There is no value in making what seems like a problem, be a catastrophe.
There is great value in demonstrating how to turn difficulties into opportunities.

We are here to demonstrate “overcoming”, “creating”, “undoing” and the power of forgiveness,
We are in relationship to remind one another of our creative potential.
We are here to share what we value, admire, enjoy and embrace.
We are here to honor and exalt those who live well with joy and gratitude.

Children learn to have problems, illness and upset because they get extra attention.
Children develop habits of getting rest, getting hugs, getting help, because it works.
Adults do the same in relationships at home and work.
How about really giving lots of attention to those who are doing well?
Let’s give ourselves and others full appreciation for all the good we have and give.
Let’s honor those who share freely their happiness and vitality and creativity.
Let’s be stop hiding our light and delight with our Good News and Good lives.
I appreciate all of us for learning the fine art of living life well with joy, freedom and trust.
Loving you, 

Betty Lue

I am sending you some pictures of the first two days of snow fun with the Grand Three.,
Harper and Lila 4 ½ and Beckett 3 yrs. old.  All about the same height and Beckett, strong and willful.
We are at a Hot springs in Genoa, Nevada (high desert)just over the mountain from South Lake Tahoe.
We drive up the mountain to get to the snow for tubing and sledding, snow angels and snowballs.
And then the hot springs afterwards to warm up.