Saturday, January 02, 2010

Work or Play? 

Do you know the difference?
Are you aware of balancing the two?
Do you work at playing?
Do you play at working?

Definitions for play and work are variable according to our perceptions.
Play is defined by freedom, enjoyable and natural flow.
Work is defined as directed, measured and efforting.
PLORK is my way of “Playing” at all areas considered “Work”

My idea of “abundant living” is to recognize the “joyful creativity” in all I do.
When I clean the house, I enjoy the cleanliness, the flow, the outcome.
When I perform my functions as therapist, teacher, minister, I play at being the best I know how to be.
When I work at creating a new center or the Reunion Lake House Retreat, I play at designing and decorating.

“Plork” is a natural balance in a work of illusion, where we make up the goals and the methods.
Children practice becoming adults by “playing house, playing  doctor, Playing beauty shop”, etc.
When children grow up, they often become “adulterated” by the learned drive to be better than others.
When adults allow themselves to play at work, stress is minimized and performance increases.

When we push or demand others to work, we are usually coming from a picture of hardship and effort.
When we invite others to join us in working and playing activities, we offer a view of enjoyable teamwork.
When we see ourselves needing to work on some problem, we usually imagine difficulty and demand.
When we envision ourselves choosing to create optimum solutions, we can imagine trust, freedom and joy.

My body feels best when it is neither stressed nor distress, but can function easily and freely.
My mind functions best when it is open, creative and free to imagine.
I am most happy and inspired when I am choosing the game, the timing and the methods of play/work.
Life is most effective, healthy and successful, when I am free to follow my inner guidance in all ways.

When I encourage you to take impeccable care of yourself, I am inviting you to join in a life of choice.
I am suggesting that you unlearn your habits of hardship and struggle, demand and punishment.
I encourage us all to seek a life that flows with joy and gratitude and feels fun, safe and easy.
I know our creator intended that we be whole and happy and free here in this earthly paradise.

Yes, we forgot.
Yes, we tried to divide and conquer.
Yes, we were caught in thoughts of need and greed.
Yes, we promoted comparison, evaluation, reward and punishment.

As a child, I learned how to win and how to lose at will….using my consciousness.
As a child, I learned to have fun and enjoy everything I did.
As a child, I learned win/win experiences felt the best to me.
As a child, I learned that “playing” always yielded a happy outcome.

I invite you to stop doing your life as though you “have to win”, “do it right “ and “be the best”.
I encourage you to begin participating in games where everyone feels blessed and valued.
I suggest that you love everything you do, simply because it brings more joy and success.
I honor the Creator within for creating this amazing game of Beauty, Goodness and Love.

Bless us all everyone for beginning 2010 being happy with ourselves and our whole life play.
Loving you, 

Betty Lue