Saturday, February 13, 2010

Be Confident 

Have faith in this:
You are a Being of Love, not of the world you see.
You are a Being of Light, not a creation of darkness and limitation.
You are a Being of the Infinite, not someone who can be defined and restricted.
You are a Being of Peace, not someone who is confused by conflicts and unending analysis.

Do not be confused by the world’s definitions of confidence.
Do not cling to the notion you are better than others.
Do not arm your self with achievements and awards to prove your Greatness.
Do not try to be perfect with no mistakes and limited learning opportunities.
Do not imagine that you can be certain of anything that will change over time.

Your confidence must be in the Truth of Who You Are.
Your assurance must rest in the eternal and unfailing.
Your trust must be place in the Essence of Goodness within you.
Your strength must rely on the Power of the Divine and Unending Love.

It seems that the world teaches to try to avoid or blot out all darkness.
Yet, what we focus on we strengthen in our attention to it.
It seems we can find the Light within simply by reminding ourselves.
We can polish our lighthouse, thus seeing and being only the Light within and outside.

It sounds like the world tempts us to be afraid and to be careful in our loving.
Yet, fear is the call for the very Love that dissolves all fear.
We can forgive the learned fearful thoughts and behaviors and choose to Love again.
We will build ourselves a fortress of unwavering Love in which we are at home.

It looks like the world would have us compete with money, prestige and worldly glory.
Yet, the real heroes, saints, teachers and healers are those who simply serve with compassion and kindness.
We can observe what teaches and touches us and open our hearts to live what inspires us.
We can be what we want to see in the world, for ourselves and future generations.

We can be confident that there is a Light and Love, the Essence of Goodness and God within us.
We can be confident that we are created by and for the living Love that awakens only Love in All.
We can be confident that no matter what the Goodness within will never dies and needs only our attention.
We can be confident that there is a Power and a Presence and Infinite Possibility within us.

You know there is a place in you, when all darkness and fear are erased, that we know only Perfect Love.
You know within you, there is a Goodness that cannot be forsaken without losing our way.
You know that the Creator has created in likeness and image all that is pure and whole and loving.
You know that you are loved and will never be condemned when you Love the One You Are.

Our true confidence and faith lies in Loving ourselves as we are love.
Let us today forgive anyway in which we have denied ourselves the Love and delight we seek!
Let us today remind ourselves our forgiveness and perfect Love must begin with ourselves.
Let us today restore our freedom and trust in the learning of our own sacred journey.

Loving You with a heart that sees Who You Really Are,
Betty Lue