Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Child In You 

We are with our Alameda Grandchildren this week. (three curious, happy  and loving preschoolers)

Have you noticed there is a child in you?
Perhaps the innocent natural loving one who wants to run up to people and just give them big hugs….
Perhaps the rebellion curious and “getting in trouble” one who simply can’t handle following adult rules.
Perhaps the carefree expression one who simply wants to play and dance and sing and draw…

Do you ever look in the mirror and make faces at yourself?
Do you get dressed up and prance around like an actor on a stage?
Do you every say ”no” or argue with someone just to see what happens?
Do you make up imaginary friends or dream of living a whole different way?

How about just wanting a puppy or kitty to play with or sing to?
And have you ever wanted someone to rock you or snuggle with at night?
Do you ever get sick or get in trouble just to get some attention?
Or do you try really hard to be good and do things “right” to get some praise and extra love?

We all have an inner child.
Some have repressed it and act very “adult”.
Some adulterate our child and try hard to conform to our peers.
Some simply play the child with special people we trust will love us.

Consider loving all parts of you.
Consider being kind to others who act out their inner child.
Consider giving your respect and positive regard to the child in all of us.
Consider finding what is valuable and helpful in everyone’s behavior.

Give yourself extra positive regard and respect today.
Give yourself kindness and the tenderness of your loving self today.
Give yourself special time and attention today.
Respond to your inner needs which perhaps have gone unnoticed or dismissed.

Fill yourself up with the perfect unconditional love you deserve.
Fulfill your fantasies in ways that are helpful and don’t create negativity reactions.
Honor your own needs to fully actualize your Authentic  Self.
Love yourself everyday in the ways that inspire, encourage and support the Best in You.

Affirmations are a powerful tool to clear learned resistance, judgments and fears.
Affirmations written and spoken 20 or more times daily will clear our blocks to loving ourselves.
Affirmations are a technique used in many ways to free the mental garbage accumulated in life.
Affirmations are invaluable, but cost nothing.  They are a gift to give ourselves to awaken new life.

The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more I love, trust and respect others.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect me.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect themselves.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect others.

I highly recommend the above affirmations written and spoken, 20 times daily for 14 days.
These are initial affirmations to simply begin the process of mental clearing.
I will be happy to suggest others which may be helpful.
More power to you!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue