Thursday, February 04, 2010

Giving Love Is Living Love 

Spirit Self = authentic natural trusting and free Self
Life is for Giving!
You are the Gift!
When you are giving your self fully and freely, there is a realization of the infinite gifts of Love within.

Your natural innocent Self is pure energy, free flowing Love, being given and received effortlessly.
In the flow of life, when you know Love is your natural state, anything unlike love is an error.
When we remember being Love, we experience that Joy and Peace and Abundance are natural as well.
The Joy of life is truly being fully Who We are with no withholds, fear or regret.

Ego self = false learned fearful self
Life is for Getting!
You are not enough.
You need another to give you the love you need, because without another’s love you are not complete.

Love is letting go of fear.
Love is trusting that there is endless Love within.
Love is freeing oneself to simply live in a naturally loving state.
Love is giving all you are to all.

Giving love is giving not with things or sacrifice, but with a natural flow of what is eternal.
Giving Love is extending peace.
Giving Love is sharing happiness.
Giving Love is trusting in the natural flow of life.

Giving Love is not a barter to be measured and evaluated.
Giving Love is not a score to be compared with what others may give and receive.
Giving Love is not an out-picturing of our past in an effort to recreate or avoid what was.
Giving Love is not an endless give away to those who have less to fill the emptying bucket.

Giving Love is living.
Giving Love is as natural as breathing.
Giving Love is responding to whatever comes in the natural way.
Giving Love is listening within to give whatever will be truly helpful.

Giving Love is our holy healing purpose.
Giving Love is contributing with gratitude.
Giving Love is awakening to each new day with full appreciation.
Giving Love is honoring everyone you meet along life’s way.

When we are feeling bereft and needy, we look for someone externally to fill our cup.
But always we need only to prime the pump, by allowing a little to flow in before we can give again.
When we have given away what we have, and need to get to give again, we were mistaken.
Giving must be received by the giver, so there is no “giving away”, sacrifice or martydom.

When we recognize, all that we give is a gift to ourselves, there will be no loss.
When we remember, we are merely flowing from the infinite resource within, we will never be empty.
When we offer that which we have, we receive ever more to be shared.
When we live a life of loving, there is pure joy everyday.

Loving you and me as One, 

Betty Lue