Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Healing Needs 

I had three other topics in mind this AM in the shower, but alas this is the One being called forth.
There must be a need.

What is healing?
Where does healing come from?
How do we heal?
How can we facilitate others healing?

Healing is the return to our natural state of wholeness and inner peace.
Healing comes from remembering Love….remembering God….remembering our Source.
Wholeness is natural just as is Love our natural state.
However in this world we base most beliefs on the state of our body, our vehicle.

Right now many vehicles are being “recalled” for repair.
Sometimes our bodies seem to be in the need of repair.
When we can do the inner and outer work without anger and fear, repair seems easy.
When we are upset, frustrated and fearful, we step away from Love and God and inner peace.

Every person and situation is different and calls for a different response.
Sometimes beings are called to step away from their bodies, and move on.
Sometimes people have something to teach or learn from their experiences.
Sometimes we use our own creative mind to give ourselves an experience that we need.

Healing comes from within.
Inner peace that offers trust and faith in our healing.
Faith in God. Faith in our own healing potential.
Faith in our physicians or medicine.
Faith in whatever power we give to another.

Be comforted and know that where there is peace, there is healing.
Where there is peace, there is Love.
Where there is peace, there is rest.
Where there is peace, there is the remembrance of Who and whose we really are.

When we offer healing to another, it is through the transmission of our peace and Love.
When we offer healing, we cast our worries and fears away (on God through prayer) and trust in the Highest Outcome.
When we offer healing to another, we visualize them healed and whole, at peace and loved.
When we offer healing, we allow another to make their own choices about what and how and when.

When we press for a specific outcome to meet our own needs, we are interfering with the natural life process and sacred journey in life.
When we pray, beg and bargain for the outcome we have in mind, we have not been trusting and freeing.
When we try to make things happen our way, we trying to avoid what we fear.
The work of the Healing Presence is to have no fear, to be at Peace, absolutely trusting all is well.

Where there are healing needs, do not worry or judge.
It interferes with peace and love.
Where there are healing needs, extend your support and comfort.
Allow the situation to be a lesson in loving for all concerned.

Trust that Love is enough.
Love given with trust and freedom, faith in the highest outcome.
Betty Lue
More ideas below for your consideration:

“Prayer For A Loved One”

Dear Heart,
I will not worry, fret or be unhappy over you.
I will not be anxious concerning you.
I will not be afraid for you.
I will not give up on you.
I will not blame, criticize or condemn you.
I will remember first, last and always that you are God’s child, that you have His Spirit in you.
I will trust this Spirit to take care of you, to be a light to your path, to provide for your needs.
I will think of you as always being surrounded by God’s loving Presence, enfolded in His protecting care, as kept safe and secure in Him.
I will be patient with you.
I will have confidence in you.
I will stand by you in faith, and bless you in my prayers, knowing that you are growing, knowing that you are finding the help you need, the love you need, the healing you need, the financial freedom you need.
I have only good feelings in my heart about you.
I am willing to let you live your life as you see fit.
Your way may not be my way, but I will trust the Spirit of God in you to show you the way of your highest Good.
God loves you and I love you!
I have confidence in you and I believe in you!!
(author unknown)

Healing vs. Cure

1.             Cure may occur without healing.
Healing may occur without cure.
Healing and Cure may occur simultaneously.

2.             Cure considers the body separately from soul.
Healing embraces the whole
(physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships).

3.             Cure is acting upon and is based on fear.
Healing is being with in love and faith.

4.             Cure isolates.
Healing incorporates.

5.             Cure combats illness.
Healing fosters wellness.

6.             Cure fixes the body.
Healing corrects perception.

7.             Cure is the application of external authority.
Healing is an inner process.

8.             Cure is a closed system.
Healing is an open system.

9.             Cure focuses on the future.
Healing focuses on the present.

10.          Cure is performed upon another.
Healing shares with a sister, brother.

11.          Cure manages.
Healing touches.

12.          Cure often issues from fear.
Healing usually issues from faith.

13.          Cure seeks to conquer pain.
Healing seeks to transcend pain.

14.          Cure seeks to hold grief at a distance.
Healing incorporates grief.

15.          Cure has a beginning and an end.
Healing is on ongoing process.

16.          Cure encounters mystery as a challenge for knowledge and understanding.
Healing encounters mystery as a challenge to find meaning.

17.          Cure focuses on what is happening to you.
Healing focuses on how you respond to what is happening to you.

18.          Cure rejects death and views it as a defeat.
Healing includes death among the possible